Home Assistant Alexa Cloud - Device is unresponsive


I’ve signed up for HA Cloud to link to my Alexa devices for voice control. Everything seems to be connected correctly, however Alexa won’t control any devices? If I ask to turn on or off lights, or scenes, she simply says the Device is not responding.

Even within the Alexa app on iOS, it says Device is unresponsive. Any help would be appreciated!

I see the same grey message unresponsive message in the Alex app. Alexa will still perform the actions but It’s been bugging me since the cloud beta days.

Try the following:

  • Verify State Reports / Proactive events are enabled in HA Cloud
  • Remove the devices from the Alexa App
  • Disable the Home Assistant Skill in the Alexa App
  • Reboot HA
  • Wait till reboot is complete, re-enable skill.
  • Re-Discovery Devices.

After the latest update (106.5), I get something similar but probably not the same:
I have multiple universal media players setup for my Onkyo Zone 2, and although they are not marked as « Unresponsive » in the Alexa app, Alexa verbally complains they are unresponsive but still Powers them ON when I ask her to. Asking to Power off does not produce the complaint.
I tried to remove devices, Disable, reboot, Enable, rediscover wihout improvements.
I rolled back to 105.5 and it works correctly now. Not sure where to report this.

Since upgrading to .106 I also experience slow Alexa device responses and the grey bar in the Alexa app saying the device is unresponsive or Alexa voice responses that say “the device isn’t responding”. In most cases, the device or scene is activated after a while. Using the HA cloud integration.

Wondering if anyone has any insight on this? All my devices show up unresponsive.