Home assistant by voice

Is there any possibilty other than amazon alexa to have something listen constantly (without the need of manual enabling) to voice in house?

I own a Homey which should do that, but because its so bad I am only using it to turn on things via the Harmony app. I was wondering if there is anything else on the market that is listening constantly without the need to click anywhere or do something.

Well you said you mean other than alexa…but you could build your own “alexa” with a raspberry pi.


Been looking to that as well, but that requires a manual “button” to make it start listen to your voice, I just want a solution that listens all the time without the need of a manual button to make it start listen.

Because when I am unable to use my hands because I am doing something in the kitchen er whatever, I don’t want to push a button but just talk.


I’m glad to inform you that it does not need a button.

Shameless self plug: https://github.com/PhyberApex/AlexaPi/tree/voice-activated


Oh wow, thought i read somewhere that it did not listen unless you make it listen by a manual switch or button.


“In this version, you do have to press a button to activate the DIY echo. You can’t just activate with voice, but everything else seems to work the same.”

I actually ordered a usb microphone last week to give it a try anyway with he manual press, but with your version its not needed and it listens without the manual button.

But the documentation in your github repo says it needs a button as well?

I want the mic to be constantly on and listen all the time, that is possible?

Yeah sorry. I just forked of some other work and did not edit the readme. I have it working just like a “true” alexa. It is always on. I’ll try to add some documentation on the repo later.


awesome work! I will for sure have a look at this as soon as I retrieve my usb microphone, at that time maybe you have found the time to edit the documentation as well.

Thank you for your work!

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I added some kind of documentation on the end of the readme. I hope that’s enough to get it working. Please do tell me if you need further assistance :slight_smile:


I thought that AVS didn’t allow for wake word recognition as part of the terms of service? I know that with all of the third party implementations for consumers, this is the case.

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Well yeah I should’ve mentioned that it is indeed against their TOS for using this. But as you only use it as a dev and not to distribute a device which is in competition with amazon echo I think we are okay.

But yeah. This is against the TOS.


Well but since its using the Alexa API you use Amazons
Services. For me the point would be not relying on some cloud and the privacy nightmare that comes with it.

Otherwise you could just order the amazon box itself. Probably more expensive than a raspberry pi but also a neater package…

If only I would find someone to be able to send that box to the Netherlands I would! :worried:

Fair point. I wouldn’t bug my house though.

If you want amazon to at least potentially listen in on you eBay has some sellers:


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Yepp main reason for me to build my own with a raspberry pi :slight_smile:


asking a bit more is no problem, but 100 euro is a bit much if you ask me

Sure but you still are using their API so they still get to listen to your house - right? or do you somehow have better control about it while using a raspberryPi?

Well the voice activation is local only. Amazon only get’s the 5 seconds after I said the hotword uploaded.


Maybe this is interesting: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/seeed/respeaker-an-open-modular-voice-interface-to-hack

I just saw this a few minutes ago. But I’ve been burned on crowd funding before…

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