Home Assistant collaborates with KNX

It’s really awesome…
The integration of KNX is already really very good…
Formalizing the relationship is even better…

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Great to see this official level of integration!

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NICE! KNX is big here in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany! Kick ass!

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Specifically I was trying to use 10.001, 11.001 but I’m guessing there are more missing.

Bidirectional DPT 10.001 is supported in 2023.7 with Time entities :wink:

Sending current time, date or datetime is supported via expose.

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Great News! Many thanks to the KNX Integration Team!

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Congratulations. Hopefully this will be useful for enhancements regarding covers (HA: 0% means closed, KNX. 100% means closed).

Great news! I have a knx setup at home and just received my HA yellow!

Which ip bridge/interface do people recommend? That’s really the last missing part now

If you don’t already have one, and don’t want to go for a 2nd hand device (which would be perfectly fine in most cases) I can recommend

  • Weinzierl 732
  • Enertex IP Secure Interface

Or their router counterparts if you need it. Weinzierl also has a Knx ModbusTCP interface that provides Knx Ip tunnels - haven’t tested it, but looks interesting.

If someone knows how to integrate HA with this kind of KNX installation :frowning:

If you are looking for a very cheap solution that works perfectly, check this:

I just bought a used knx usb interface on eBay and used the approach in the link.

Worked without any issue.

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