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Browser-based log utility for Home Assistant.


Easily monitor your Home Assistant logs in your web browser. Custom filtering is available to make it simple to differentiate different types of logs.


The installation of this add-on is pretty straightforward and not different in comparison to installing any other add-on.

  1. Search for the “Log Viewer” add-on in the add-on store and install it.
  2. Start the “Log Viewer” add-on
  3. Check the logs of the “Log Viewer” add-on to see if everything went well.
  4. Open the web UI for the “Log Viewer” add-on to start watching logs.

Tip: To see more logs, be sure to enable the logger component in your Home Assistant configuration.yaml:

  default: info


You can always try to get support from the community here at the Home Assistant community forums, join the conversation!

Questions? You have several options to get them answered:

You could also open an issue on GitHub, in case you ran into a bug, or maybe you have an idea on improving the addon:

:information_source: At this moment our Home Assistant Community Add-ons Discord chat server and GitHub are our only official support channels. All others rely on community effort.

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:tada: Release v0.2.0

Full Changelog


  • :ambulance: Fixes Safari

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hi is there a possibility to disable the login?

Hey Dale… This is working great on my PC but it keeps trying to reconnect in Chrome on iOS and also the Home Assistant App on iOS.

try reading the documentation… :wink:

:tada: Release v0.2.1

Full Changelog


  • Upgrades base image to v2.1.2
  • Upgrades NodeJS to 8.11.4-r0

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:tada: Release v0.3.0

Full Changelog


  • Adds Hassio API security role
  • Upgrades base image to v2.3.0
  • Typo correct in README
  • Adds screenshots to documentation

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Yes, Just installed fresh from the last version, and have that same thing happening on Safari/Mac Hassio 075.3

btw, when I click Open webUi it opens my duckdns.org address, and the browser cant connect. If I enter my local Hassio.local address it opens fine. Albeit with an empty screen which tries to connect each 5 seconds or so…

How do it get it to open via duckdns? Should I add that port in the portforwarding ?

I’m getting this too… is there any reason why it shouldn’t work on mobile?

I just installed v3.0 of Log Viewer on Hass v0.80.3. The install seemed to go without issue, and I can connect to the defined port, but I get a 'Disconnected" then a “Retry in 3s…” count down before looping back to “Disconnected” and “Retry” again. A restart produces the same.

Any thoughts as to what might be wrong here?


I am only getting this with the iOS app. I did log an issue when this addon was first released and frenck recently replied that fixing this is not a priority.

Hey David,

I’m getting this in a Safari on a Mac connected to the Log Viewer port.

I guess, if this isn’t a priority to fix, I’ll just un-install.


You can all see the issue here https://github.com/hassio-addons/addon-log-viewer/issues/5 and maybe add your 2c


I note that your issue related to iOS, but mine was on a Mac. I just posted a new issue to GitHub.

I bet it’s the same issue just the same.
Just tried on my mac and it’s not working there either… same as iOS and same as you.

I was using this add-on on my hass.io setup. I moved my homeassistant to docker, but couldn’t figure out how to setup this add-on. Can you help?

i guys, i just installed add-on and i put that on panel frame, but if i’m not into it , it don’t track past logs, only log started when i m in, not sense, can you help me?

That’s how it works…

ok, not sense for me, i want to view past log also.