Home Assistant Companion for Android 1.5.0

Today we’re releasing Home Assistant Companion for Android 1.5.0. This is a great release with some cool new features and new collaborators joining in on the fun!

Big thanks in this release goes to our Android lead @JBassett who has been squashing a ton of bugs, added support for the status bar to adopt the application theme and fixed finding existing Home Assistant instances on the network.

A cool new feature that has been added is a new home screen widget. Use it to quickly trigger your favorite scripts, scenes or any other service in Home Assistant. Thanks to @KBerstene for the initial implementation and @JBassett for polishing the configuration screen.

For all you people that want to run the Home Assistant app on a tablet on the wall, good news! Thanks to @neopilou there is now a new option to make the app full screen.

To get the most out of our apps for Android and iOS, check the Home Assistant Companion website.

Enjoy the new release! Don’t forget to leave a rating if you like the app, it will help other users find the app.

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Firstly, thanks to the team that has been adding features to the mobile app. We android users appreciate the love.

@JBassett, maybe I’m misunderstanding this portion of the above

I took this to mean that the top of the screen would change according to the loaded theme. When I load the dark orange theme it is still blue as seen below. I cleared the app data and cache but still see the same. Is this expected?


There are a couple of limitations with the status bar theming due to how it picks up the theme colour (using the theme-color meta tag):

  • It only picks up the backend selected theme (set via frontend.set_theme)
  • It only works if primary-color in the theme is just a colour, it doesn’t work if it comes via a CSS variable

There is a plan to fix the first limitation with an update to Home Assistant to push the theme colour to the app:

I don’t know if this will also fix the second limitation.

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Wahoo ! Thank you for the development and keep a useful and light app (especially for my battery )
I tried the widget, but isn’t it possible to show the sensor only without call a service ?

Can wait to see the rest :wink:

Is only me having issue to switch on light using widget?
I’ve tried with light.turn_on and light.toggle but nothing happening. Light is not turning on.

PS. Fixed. I’ve clear data in the app and now works.

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Works fine for me

Thanks for the update, widgets are a great feature I was waiting for ! There is a couple of things that could be improved:

  • we can’t resize widgets ?
  • the entity should be pre-selected regarding the service
  • it would be nice to have more icons !

Thanks again for this cool app !

Works for me too.

Thanks a lot for this app :slight_smile:

About widget, is it possible to change their settings once they have been added to the home screen?

It seems it is not possible

Thank you so much guys! What a great update!

Thank you for this great app.
Is it possible to have 2 more functionalities:

  • Switch screen off (similar to Fully kiosk)
  • Keep screen ON

FWIW, I now have three ways to access Home Assistant from my phone:

  1. Web App (an URL to the server)
  2. Home Assistant Companion (Android app)
  3. HA Client (Android app)

I currently still prefer HA Client, predominately due to startup speed (from icon-tap to fully rendering the Lovelace UI):

  1. Web App: 8 seconds
  2. Home Assistant Companion: 8 seconds
  3. HA Client: 3 seconds

I’ve repeated the test several times and HA Client’s startup is consistently two to three times faster. I’m not sure what technique the developer is using to accelerate startup but it makes for a better UX.

Thx for this great app!

What is meant with the android tv support?

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Call frontend.set_theme with the name of the theme from your configuration. Then force close and re-open the app

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Sounds like you have a front end bug to file, might be worth creating a video showing how slow it is on web app and the android app.

I’ve missed that since ever. No App compatible with HA could do this. Finally! :smiley:

Turning my room off from my home screen (widget) would (will) be awesome.

Until now I used Automagic for that, enabled the API and sent a request with turn_on or turn_off to my HA IP. It also works, but it is (was) annoying to set up - for every light.

Or the front-end developers may wish to examine how the author of HA Client reduces startup time. Maybe it’s something they can adopt (or maybe it’s not because it uses it’s own widgets to render the UI).

You need to file a bug, they won’t look at that app. The front end should load and be ready in 1 second. If you think its an issue, you should file it.

Is that currently achievable or is it an aspirational goal?

I’m asking because no Home Assistant app I’ve tried (on my phone) goes from cold-start to full UI-render in under 3 seconds.

I mention it in the spirit of sharing comparative performance data; someone out there has created an Android app that is noticeably faster on startup. Perhaps it may be of interest to the developers of Home Assistant Companion. There may be some technique it employs that is worth emulating.

I assume they are reading this thread.

So the app on my current phone takes about 2-3 seconds to load, from cold start. If yours really takes 7 seconds then maybe try clearing data and see if that resolves it?

The issue I was talking about was when you open the app and it stays on loading data or you see the reconnecting sign at the bottom. That should only be visible for 1 second.

Where are you seeing the delay in loading?