Home Assistant Companion for Android 1.5.0

This morning I followed @Steven_Rollason’s advice and even clear the app cache/data, logged out and back in and it didnt work. I just tried again and it suddenly works after force closing. :man_shrugging:

Only difference is that this morning I was on wifi and now I’m connecting remotely. In any case, I’m just happy it’s working because the persistent blue status bar really poked at my OCD.


Clear what data and where?

It’s not what I’m talking about.

In my first post I reported the startup speed as being “from icon-tap to fully rendering the Lovelace UI”. That means from the moment I tap the app’s icon to the moment the Lovelace UI is fully rendered it takes 8 seconds on my phone (compared to 3 with HA Client).

During those 8 seconds, it begins with a white background, then it momentarily displays the blue background of the top menu, then that quickly disappears and is replaced with a white background and the logo with “Loading Data” (that’s about 3-4 seconds into the sequence), that disappears quickly and then shows just the white background (and a spinning indicator), then the Lovelace cards are promptly rendered, and finally (a split-second later) the badges.

I’ve just performed that operation about 5 times in a row and the startup is now a smidgen faster at 7 seconds (but nowhere near 3).

Just as another data point, my startup time

is also around 7 to 10 seconds.

Non-scientific observations but I’m certainly in the same ball-park as @123
That is for both the Android app and a web app - I don’t have HA Client.

Thank you for your work.
Widget option is very useful

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NIce Update 10 out 10 bros

Excellent. Is it possible to request the function of a media player, for use in a wall tablet.

Is it possible to use it with fire tv stick? And if yes, how?

It’s not working on a tanix pro 9 android box with 7.1.2 firmware… Is that the limitation?

Again great work! This version made me get rid of Fully Kiosk Brower, cause I don’t see a lot advantages with that app (in my case) anymore. The less apps I need the more happy I am.

So a big thumbs up to the people who are developing this!

My biggest request for the next version: actionable notifications, so I also can get rid of Telegram :slight_smile:

Nfc control, notification with priority is a must for me…

You can always place a request on github!

Try to sideload the firebase version? I have not tested it on fire stick yet, may try it in a bit lol.

did the app install? or are you stuck somewhere?

The messages are all sent with priority i think, I just tested it on my phone where I haven’t used the app for a few hours and notification showed up promptly. Even with the screen off for a while.

I have tested it for a long while, disabled battery optimalization… But sometimes messages are not coming through untill I unlock device after deep sleep…
Same issues with the html5 platform… So for doorbell purposes it’s a no-go for me…

I am using pushover now, there you can define priority, never missed a notification now

do you know what priority is being set?

I just define “high priority” on the message… But pushover just works totally different… I thin the HA app is based on Android/html messaging… I see the same.issues on html5 platform, it was never resolved

It sounds like app standby still gets in the way, interesting.


How is the app sending now, on high priority?

I have no idea how pushover technical works, but I never missed a notification there’s… Will this app I always miss when in deep sleep, when I wake up manually, then I see the message coming in, identical with the html5 platform

I am reading that link now, there are some examples to change to high priority, can I test that on my automations? Or is it not supported yet?

Asides from setting battery optimization to off, try turning on unrestricted background data on the app and see if that works. I enabled that myself too and that might be it?

some of them are server side changes, I know the team made some of them but not sure which. You won’t be able to test these as they need to be built into the app.

Ok, gonna do some testing… But I am also using images with the notification, allthough not supported either yet… Maybe it’s because of the image

Thnx for feedback, gonna test next week

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Yeah i would be interested to know what people would do with the home assistant app on android tv as most TV’s wouldnt have a touch screen interface? I havent been able to get it to connect to my instance upon spending a couple of mins the other day setting it up before i had to go out but i guess the only useful thing i can think of as a use case might be to be able to send notifications to the TV screen like you would on a phone if that would even work. Not sure if that would work or if anyone has tried it yet?