Home Assistant Crashing \ Rebooting

Using an RPI4 for the last 2 years with latest HA installed. My install has become quite extensive although memory and CPU seem to hover at around 50% usage.

Recently my RPI drops off the network for 2 minutes every hour or so.
I only know this as it was being monitored by Statuscake.

I have checked locally with a ping tool and yes its dropping off the network.

However I think the RPI is rebooting as the log only shows from the time the network was restored.

Is there any way of finding out what went wrong to cause this failure as its becoming more and more frequent and I’ve done the obvious things like change the LAN cable.

Cookbook. Skip down to the troubleshooting section. There’s one on diagnosing Pi crashes. And one right below that on accessing your log after ancrash/restart.

You’ll look at power, Disk. And then memory load.

Btw mine started doing this when they did some changes in early 2024. I’m pretty sure I was running into a thread issue or memory exhaustion from a leak. But never chased it down. Moved to a NUC

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Funny you say about early 2024, this is when I started to notice short term network drops but not significant to make an issue. Nothing in log files I’m using a 65w lenovo PSU as of today, made no difference. Removed MotionEye integration, disconnected both USB webcams and drops have reduced still not 100% but the install is so complex now its impossible to start from scratch. My plan is to either move to a Pi5 (£150) although a £69 HP 800G1 Micro i7 - 4th Gen looks more attractive.

This post will help if it is an unsafe threat issue: