Home Assistant Device Database

  1. Product variants are tricky, and something I’m likely going to need to revisit. So far, each product (A19 Philips Hue White vs Color bulb) is separate, with a separate listing. It does seem like these should be merged though. I’m open to ideas here.

  2. A few people have commented on this, and I’d love to come up with a better way to show other countries as well. For the short term, I don’t think this is going to change, but I’d like to get the site to a place where users can add new products themselves, at which point international support would be much more doable.


Take a look at how TonyMac manages links for non-US sites. It’s rudimentary but it works.



Contributed to the cause…

I like the idea. hopefully it will bloom and be very useful.


One other thought is it would be nice to have items listed in multiple categories, temp/motion/humidity/etc. since there are a lot of multi purpose sensors along those lines. Visually I might make things a little smaller to see more but that’s a personal preference.


Can’t access from work, blocked by corp security servers as potentially not safe. Seems the SSL Cert is not correct?


My two cents.

Why don’t you contact HA team and try to propose it to them?

I think service require “official” support.

The pro is that the money raises will be use by the HA community to pay server use and so on. The cons is that you will loose it :slight_smile:


Im getting the same error. OpenDNS is blocking


That’s not good :frowning: . I’m using Cloudflare, so they are providing the certs. I’ll do some digging to see what might be up.


O, wow. This is NICE!


I can definitely see some value to this, and depending on how the project goes, I could be open to it. For now, this site has my full time development support (I took some time off work), so I think it makes sense for me to continue to own it. If this can be built into a financially viable model, my full backing will continue indefinitely, which I believe would be beneficial, but I’d love to discuss this with the community. For now, it’s not even close to being financially viable.

Another user recommended using a tag based approach, which would nicely support this. I’m currently using a quasi-Google Docs backend so I could launch a prototype of the site, but that’s starting to show growing pains. I’m in the process of rethinking parts of the architecture to support tagging, user submission, user reviews, etc, but it’s going to take some time unfortunately.

I really appreciate the response I’ve gotten from the community, and this project has 100% of my development attention right now. Current stuff in the works:

  • Move to a protocol based system rather than tagging each device with the hubs that work with it. This will also enable browsing for devices that work with each hub.
  • Add user review system
  • Process the giant backlog of user submitted devices
  • Move off of my short-term, Google Docs based backend


I just submitted a door/window sensor :).

I’m currently using this one, and it is a great option for the price(it’s exactly the same as the Aeotec for half the price.)


I just added another. It’s an amazingly inexpensive z-wave window/door sensor. I did have to include it to my network 2x but once included it added a binary switch automagically in HASS. Doesn’t get a whole lot easier.


Just an FYI but the US gearbest site is always marked up higher than the normal one, you may want to link there instead. The button is like double the price on the US site lol.


I think you would do a lot better if you open sourced your site. I won’t contribute to a closed site because if you get lazy and it goes down, there is nobody to pickup the pieces. So why should I spend time if it’s potentially wasted?


Your site is great! :slight_smile:

But why not make it a Wiki and “profit” from the community willingness to contribute information.


Tried to contribute but afaik it wasn’t submitted. Please add: Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor Component Also ConBee / RaspBee is a hub compatible with Zigbee, Xiaomi, Hue and Tradfri.

Just to echo the other comments here, please merge this with the main site / open source it.


Awesome! Thank you for this - it’s something that’s been long needed IMO.


Thank you everyone for all your support and submissions on the site. I’ve been hard at work over the past week, so here are a few quick status updates:


  • Processed backlog of ~120 user product submissions
  • Updated protocol handling - now there’s a list of protocols at the bottom of the homepage that you can navigate through, and each device lists the protocols that it depends upon, so you can determine what hub you need.

In Process / Future:

  • User authentication + user comments on devices - targeting this week, but authentication is taking a bit longer than I’d hoped.
  • User ratings + fully user editable pages.
  • Auto updating merchant prices.

Thank you for all the support, and please keep the feedback coming.



There’s an open list of 433 Mhz devices compatible with Home Assistant. These devices work with the following gateways: OpenMQTT (https://github.com/1technophile/OpenMQTTGateway) or RFLink (http://www.rflink.nl/blog2/devlist).

RFLink has also (limited) MiLight support while OpenMQTT supports IR blaster and receiver, relays, analog sensors, etc.

The list of RFLink compatible devices is quite large but there’s no product link. Can someone make a script to pull merchant link?

Although not very sophisticated in terms of security, the RF (433 Mhz/315 Mhz/etc) devices are quite popular in the DIY community.


Thanks Petrica - I’ll go through that list later this week and make sure they get added.

I just finished adding user login + comment support. Now you can leave reviews / feedback on individual products - this intent is that this will allow people to comment about Home Assistant compatibility (sensor speed, setup ease, etc).