Home Assistant enthusiasts in Hamilton, New Zealand?

I’m a long time OpenHAB user but switched to Home Assistant a couple of years ago. I’ve also just recently moved to Hamilton… I’d be keen to see if there are any locals to connect up with and swap stories,ideas etc….

Not Hamilton, Christchurch in fact, but happy to chat to a fellow kiwi (even from the wrong island!)

Hey Nick! So what’s your MO, I’m just a bit of a tinkerer really so just monitoring whole house power and water usage at the moment… Have a few power plugs and one smart light switch. My only true automation is turning on the pool pump for a couple of hours each day :laughing:

A tinkerer. I started with a hue starter kit. I have a lot of unfinished projects.

Ha, I have way too many unfinished projects too :slight_smile:
How have you found the Hue stuff? I got a rgb bulb a while back but took it out because family just kept turning off the lamp with it’s manual switch and then the "smarts"would be redundant!

Hi fellow NZers.
I’ve got a medium sized system. Shelly switches on all lights, garage door, aqara temp and humidity everywhere, AirTouch4, blinds, vibration sensors for mailbox and gates soon, musiccast speakers.
Mix of wifi and zigbee.
A few helpers for towel rail and light timers and toggle indications.

HA running in a nuc11 vm on esxi.

My dashboards are pretty lame. Wish I could make some pretty ones, but I use voice control for almost everything.

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I would describe mine as medium too. Running debian 11 + supervised. I have a number of technologies (which is one of the great things about HA):

A number of shelly devices for lights, and motion detection.

A zigbee network via Z2M. Motion detection, temp/hum sensors, scene controllers, smart bulbs.

Sensibo for the AC units

Some esphome devices for powering on the lights around the spa, and reading some bluetooth.

A number of LMS/Squeezebox players for whole house audio.

Any number of other media devices, amplifiers, tvs etc.

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First person to see this that lives in Hamilton / a 15km radius of Hamilton and posting back. Like the others - defos a few unfinished projects. Hopefully will get the irrigation project finished before Christmas to keep my grass nice and green unlike the previous summers. Got my electric fence setup with a relay so my wife can turn the fence on and off without having to walk out to the paddock to turn it off (my 1 year old touched the hot wire a few times and didn’t like it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Greetings @crayleb good to see someone in the local area!
I actually bought a few actuators and flow meters to try automate the greenhouse irrigation but it never got anywhere…
I have not automated the electric fence but that sounds like a good idea, although our kids have eventually learnt not to touch it LOL.
I have automated the water pump though as it switches off after 30min of continuous pumping which isn’t ideal when irrigating, so I have a wifi socket that can be used to just power cycle the pump to get it going again. This has been used a few times!

After many years of sitting on the sidelines I have finally got Solar installed on the house… Not as cheap as it used to be but having also just bought a second hand leaf it felt like the right thing to do…
It’s been going real well with no issues and the GoodWe inverter got auto detected by Home Assistant which was a bonus!
I got the OpenEVSE car charger and had fun putting that together and just yesterday I got it working so that any excess Solar is used to charge the car rather than export to the grid :grinning: