Home Assistant Federation for people who running multiply HA instance


I am running multiply HA instances in different location
I run into a problem with the companion android SW. It couldn’t able to handle multiply instance of HA, and looks like the support to connect multiple HA wont be developed. It was told: hard to do it.

I wonder if it would be possible to develop some federation feature for HA?
As for me it would be enough if one of the HA would able to display (proxy) the other HA dashboard’s masking the fact for the android software there are 2 HA server.

Thank you

It’s not federation proper, but I created a component that enables “master-slaves” configuration via MQTT stream/discovery, which might fit your needs

you have a few options here, you can use one of those cloning apps to clone the app. If you dont need notifications/location tracking you can also install the minimal version. There are also 2 debug variants as well for a total of 4 installs. You can also setup the firebase stuff on your end, fork the app and have a couple different builds as well.

In terms of app support yes its a ton of work to get everything working. There are notifications, features like sensor tracking, android power menu, widgets and other considerations asides from switching the UI to another HA frontend. It is also open source so if the volunteers don’t want to work on it anyone else is more than welcome to submit a PR.