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Home Assistant for iOS 2.0 Beta Testing


PLEASE remove the “Motion” option or fix it for IOS.
I nags constantly if not enabled/granted access, and I don’t want it.
Like every time I open HA it pops up to enable it.

Also nothing in “Show advanced settings” works.
“Internal URL” resets after I exit to home page.
In “Basic authentication” user&pass also gets reset as soon as I exit the options menu.

IOS :latest
Iphone 5S.

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Hey thanks, wondering if you have any instructions on the apple watch.


Why don’t you fill out issues on GitHub?


Because I don’t know where.
I am not a developer or code writer.



I am no longer getting buttons with actionable notifications. All catagory settings withing notification settings seem ok, and are the same as in the config. Does anyone else have this issue?


Check the device id. The beta app appends _beta to the device name so it might be going to the wrong place :wink:


Do we need to enable the mobile_app component?


I’ve fixed that :slight_smile: I’m getting the notification and also the camera view with it. just not the buttons underneath the notification.


TestFlight question…
I already have TestFlight installed on my phone and other devices and used it for testing v1.5, along with some other apps (ProCamera, Wyze camera). On the TestFlight page, heading at the top says to select the IOS app beta invitation after installing TestFlight but no where does it say how to request an invitation email if it is TestFlight is already installed. Am I missing something?

gcobb321 (aka geekstergary, developer of the iCloud3 device_tracker)


Is there a way to configure “threshold.Accuracy”? I’m getting a bunch of rejected locations, some with 1414.0m as described here and some for other values over 1000m, which is good because they’re clearly not very accurate, but I’d like to have some control over what gets accepted/rejected as I do with Owntracks.

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Go to the link above on a iOS device with TestFlight installed; click; and it will ask to open TestFlight and add it…

On a non-ios device it doesn’t work.


Got it. Thanks. I was reading the about it on my Windows 10 computer.


Great project. Is there any explanation /documentation of how to install in Home Assistant. The mobile_app component etc.


Hello , I having problems to login the new iOS app (was using the iOS 1.5 BETA till now)

log file:
2019-03-25 17:30:40 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.auth.indieauth] Error while looking up redirect_uri https://home-assistant.io/iOS/beta-auth:
2019-03-25 17:30:40 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.http.ban] Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from

i see the log and the text are “redirect_uri” instead of redirect_url maybe its important? or its just a typo
I am Using Docker container , HA 0.91.1 , Nginx proxy server.


I did the same thing this morning and scratched my head as to why it wasn’t working… until I looked at the link in detail :wink:


Just add


To your configuration.yaml and that way all new components get added automatically.


Sorry, I don’t have an apple watch and getting one for iOS beta testing just wasn’t in my budget planning… :wink:

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Ah, no worries :slight_smile: thanks for sharing the beta yaml, really helpful. :handshake:


Great work on the app, it’s fantastic!

I do have a question, since this is a beta will the app not show up on my watch? I do only have gen1 maybe it’s too old? I can’t figure out how to set that part up.

I can’t wait to get done with work so I can play with it mor, it feels like Christmas today lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Many thanks @robbiet480 for the great imprvements!

I’m testing Siri shortcuts and I’m having scripts being fired twice.

Which github I should use to open an issue?