Home Assistant Green install error

Hi, new HA Green, fired it up and can find the server on my network, but I get a message:

Error installing Home Assistant

An error occured while installing Home Assistant, check the logs below for more information.

I’m lost as to what to do - there is nothing to change I can see - have tried going through a different connection but no luck.

Full log at:
Install error log

Received my HA Green this morning and have the exact same problem.


Same problem here. Until now, I have not found a solution. I will keep this posted updated I case I find a way to make HA Green up and running.

As I seem to be having the exact same problem with my brand new Home Assistant Green I am also searching for a solution. This seems to be a duplicate of this issue, and in that thread a solution is suggested by @cycreator.

Might be worth a try.

I’m having the same issue… Just ordered a microSD card so I can try the factory reset suggested in the other thread.

Update: The factory reset worked for me, too!

I fixed my issue by changing DNS server settings on my router to Google - for some reason my ISP’s default servers were blocking the configuration.

Posting in case this helps anyone else.

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Would you mind sharing your DNS settings to Google?