Home Assistant Guru / Expert Needed!

Hello Everyone,

I am familiar with Home Assistant and have customized some of my automations.

This next project feels like its beyond my scope - fully new custom build home - at framing stage and would love to speak with someone initially to discuss where to run hard wires to make the most of home automations.

Obviously willing to compensate for your time and guidance.

Hopefully can connect with someone via voice/video call.

Thanks a lot on advance!

Did you define at least what you want in term of controls and up to which point you want to automate your new home ?

Yes - i did a little write up. Sendind to you in DM

There are some good threads on this forum that discuss this. Search for “new home build”. Here is one:

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Hi Ali,

I’d be happy to help you with your custom home automation project.

Can you tell me a bit more about your vision for the automation system in your new home? What specific features and functionalities are you looking to implement?

If you’re interested, we can schedule a call to discuss further - feel free to reach out to me at my email here


Not sure if you’ve already moved forward with your project, but my best piece of advice to you is be sure to talk to more than one person. Everyone will have different thoughts and ideas and recommendations and advice, and NOW is the time to hear it. As someone who has been through this before, trust me - it’s MUCH more difficult to add something later once the walls have been closed up and painted, trim/flooring has been installed, and you’ve moved in and filled the place with furniture.

As an example - my house had an intercom system, so there were no doorbells. When we remodeled (we gutted nearly the whole place so I took advantage of the opportunity), I removed the no longer functional intercom system. I ran regular doorbell wire to power wireless doorbells. Now, I wish I had run ethernet cable instead of doorbell wire - but doing so would cost me over $1000 to open the ceiling in multiple rooms, remove & repaint trim, repair and repaint the ceilings, etc. Had I done it originally? I could have used 2 of the wires to power the original doorbells I chose, and then simply crimped on an RJ45 end later when I wanted to switch to wired PoE doorbells.

These types of mistakes are only learned through experience.

If you’d like my assistance, feel free to reach out to me at fasthowtochannel [at] gmail.com

Save yourself the headache up front and talk to 3 or 4 people. Thank me later.

Just sent you an email

Email sent

Why are you asking here if you are hiding everything in emails? You will likely end up annoying people and noone in the community gets the benefit of what ever the answer is.
And don’t send me one, please. If you want to chat leave a message here…

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