Home Assistant has stopped recording Histories

Good morning,

I’ve found that Home Assistant has stopped recording the history of all devices after 3rd July. I noticed at first that my Energy Dashboard was not retaining any data, then watched as History graphs show no history but started to record data while I was observing them. If then navigate away from the dashboard and then return there is no data recorded.

I’m attempting to restore a backup from last week, prior to updating to 2024.7 but has anyone else encountered this?

I’m running a Home Assistant Yellow with an SSD. The SSD is working, that’s where the backups are stored, so I’m not sure what’s happened. I’ve not changed anything in Home Assistant, other than updating to 2024.7.



See this link:

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

I had the same issue. I stopped HA and copied the database to a Windows pc. Then used sqlite3 to repair the database which found a few errors. Been recording fine now for 2 days. Procedure is in the 2nd post;

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I should add that there are other reports of a conflict with certain integrations causing this problem so it may not be your solution until next release.

The solution suggested in the other post worked. I removed the icloud add-on, restarted and it’s all back to normal.

I appreciate the help.