Home Assistant installed on Pi in Touchscreen case

I had a Pi 4B sitting around, complete with a case that directly connects a 3.5" touchscreen via the GPIO pins.

Initially, my thought was I could use the Pi in a very single-purpose capacity:
A sofa-table touchscreen controller for the lights in my living room. That led me to discover Home Assistant, to flash the Home Assistant image, and I started configuring. I figured I would figure out the touchscreen aspect later. So…

  • Home Assistant OS is now installed.
  • I’ve configured enough that the stuff I care about all shows up in “Overview”

So is it true that in order to get the touchscreen to work, I actually need to do this instead?

  • Flash Raspbian to the Pi
  • Configure the touchscreen to work
  • Install Home Assistant in a supervised (preferably Kiosk-mode) capacity

From searches and threads (like this and this) it seems that’s my only option. :man_facepalming:

I suppose this isn’t TOO much of a setback, if so - I can save files that I’ve configured, and made notes on my configurations so I could re-do them.

But - if there’s a way to get the touchscreen working, since I’ve come this far - that would be preferable.

It seems like this would be a pretty common thing someone might want to do, even if for no other reason than to provide some simple controls right on the Pi host - but additionally seems like a waste to mandate using one Pi to act as server, and then have to buy another Pi to use as a client device… so I’d think developers might have considered this? I’m guessing there must be a native option.

So figured I’d ask to confirm - there’s truly no way to get the Pi 4B touchscreen working from the Home Assistant OS image?

I did it I used a Venv install on a pi4 not sure what your install is but it may give you some insight