Home Assistant ios app not updating location

So I’m trying to use the device_tracker for presence detection that is integrated in the HA app, but the tracker never updates. I want to use it along with the Person. It says that I’m always home, and the same goes for my wife.

Is this a common problem? Has anyone had the same problem and what did you do to solve it?

I have the same issue but only with one device. Iphone 8 plus ios 13.3.
Ive tried uninstall and reinstall without any luck.

Allthough if i update the 8+ manualy by pull release at the home screen, new data is sent from iphone to HA. But never through background update. Iphone 11 ios 13.1.1 worx.

Yeah, I also tried reinstalling the app without any progress.

This usually has to do with ios permissions. Go to ios settings and scroll to HA, then check that the app has permission for the following:

  • access location always
  • Background updates
  • use mobile data

That was the first thing I checked, but it still says that I’m always Home…

You’re sure you’re looking at the right tracker? Might have changed if you previously had the 1.5 version of the app installed and updated to the new version.

Yeah, Im really new to HA, so I did not have the previous app.

Same here… all settings coreect. Despite from earlier(with correct sertings and permissions) the iphone 8 now sends updates but not all the time. Also its location sometimes jumps out of zone and back again generating a lot of ”home” triggers. This behaviour should be due to faulty iphone im guessing, but im not sure.

I found the issue!!!

I have a 4g router and when a phone is connected to its wifi, location is off sometimes.

As soon as I turn it off it works.

Oh okay, thats good for you! Im still having the same problem though.