Home Assistant ios app not updating location

So I’m trying to use the device_tracker for presence detection that is integrated in the HA app, but the tracker never updates. I want to use it along with the Person. It says that I’m always home, and the same goes for my wife.

Is this a common problem? Has anyone had the same problem and what did you do to solve it?

I have the same issue but only with one device. Iphone 8 plus ios 13.3.
Ive tried uninstall and reinstall without any luck.

Allthough if i update the 8+ manualy by pull release at the home screen, new data is sent from iphone to HA. But never through background update. Iphone 11 ios 13.1.1 worx.

Yeah, I also tried reinstalling the app without any progress.

This usually has to do with ios permissions. Go to ios settings and scroll to HA, then check that the app has permission for the following:

  • access location always
  • Background updates
  • use mobile data
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That was the first thing I checked, but it still says that I’m always Home…

You’re sure you’re looking at the right tracker? Might have changed if you previously had the 1.5 version of the app installed and updated to the new version.

Yeah, Im really new to HA, so I did not have the previous app.

Same here… all settings coreect. Despite from earlier(with correct sertings and permissions) the iphone 8 now sends updates but not all the time. Also its location sometimes jumps out of zone and back again generating a lot of ”home” triggers. This behaviour should be due to faulty iphone im guessing, but im not sure.

I found the issue!!!

I have a 4g router and when a phone is connected to its wifi, location is off sometimes.

As soon as I turn it off it works.

Oh okay, thats good for you! Im still having the same problem though.

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Same problem here with my iPhone 8. Tomorrow I will test it with my iPad. No idea what’s causing it.

I have the same problem - always ‘Home’
The device_tracker lat/long does not change for my iPhone when I change location.
However, the sensor.geocoded_location for the same device is updating accurately - even gives the address of where I am!

Can an automation be setup to trigger an update?

I have it as a script.

I don’t know if it works that good though.

Thank you, I will try this later today.

Thank you but that didnt work for me.

Same problem here. My iPhone always updates, but my wife’s iPhone never do. We have same settings, tried to delete app without success. If I hold click the home assistant app an force send location it updates. Very annoying.


Same here, exactly as @2jan said… my wife likes the HA automations but only uses the Home app in the foreground, so my impression is that the HA app is timing out in the background or something… does anyone know how long that takes?
I tried the push message update script (as per @kernehed above) which updates my location but not hers.

Also same here. My wife’s phone is on iOS 13 and my phone is on iOS 12. My location tends to update, although the response time isn’t generally quick. Her phone has not sent an update in 3 weeks. Neither of us have opened the iOS app in at least 5 days but my phone will eventually (after about 45 minutes) recognize that it is not home. Hers will never send a location.

We have been putting off setting up automatons based on location because it’s just so unreliable, and I really don’t want to set up OwnTracks or something else. Is there anything that can be done about this?

We’re also experiencing the app not updating location for some reason. I checked all three settings are on . Running latest iOS etc.

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