Home Assistant media player to play via local 3.5 mm jack

I have raspberry pi 4 with Home Assistant OS. Is it possible to play locally stored mp3 or other sound files through raspberry’s 3.5 mm audio jack? What would be the best and easiest way to achieve this? An example of the configuration would be highly appreciated.

Ever figure this out, Tervapiru? .__.

I wish someone would make a how to on this, may be I will, but by the time I get mine to work I’ll be done and would very much not like to start over. I’ve tried different solutions but they seem to be outdated and don’t work. I need something that will work even if the network is down. So ethernet/wifi solutions aren’t good enough for me.

I used notifier add on. Music is locally stored on the same RPi where the speaker is connected with 3.5mm jack. Here’s automation i’ve used:

alias: play music
description: “”

  • device_id: e709b1f74619323169ca28f730a1c695
    domain: deconz
    platform: device
    type: remote_button_double_press
    subtype: turn_on
    condition: []
  • service: hassio.addon_start
    addon: 3ebf62bd_notifier
  • delay:
    hours: 0
    minutes: 0
    seconds: 15
    milliseconds: 0
  • service: hassio.addon_stdin
    addon: 3ebf62bd_notifier
    volume: 12
    music: “{{states(‘input_select.saunamusiikki’)}}”
    mode: single

So you are running HA on the same raspberry pi you are playing the music from?
I saw this post and followed it, you can see my posts at the end after I finally got it working.