Home Assistant memory usage on Proxmox

How much RAM should HA use?

I had my Proxmox set to 2GB and it was using over 90% so I decided to up it to 4GB and it is still using over 90%

See here:


My HA-VM uses 4.24GiB of the 12 available.

Don’t worry, this is a quirk in how linux reports free memory, which isn’t always intuitive. See this page for an explanation, and some commands to use to see what % of your ram is actually being used for running the HA applications: https://www.linuxatemyram.com/


Just wanted to chime in here with a question.

My PROXMOX memory usage for my HA VM is sitting at a relatively stable ~80%

HA is reporting quite different figures

I suppose this may be the ‘quirk’ in how linux reports free memory in action.

My only concern is when I check how much ‘real free (available) memory’ I have it is showing only about ~1.2GB.

RAM is there to be used and 1.2GB isn’t ‘close’ to 0GB, however relative to the total 16GB in the system, it is quite close.

Hoping someone more knowledgable may be able to enlighten me on what’s going on with the inconsistency in RAM reporting and whether I should be ‘worried’.

I have something very similar
Proxmos says Memory usage 86.65% (5.20 GiB of 6.00 GiB)

While home assistant:

I suppose is the quirk explained above…

I had the same issue, and I was able to fix it. The problem (at least in my case) was that in the wizard, when it asked about the machine type, I selected the q35 machine, which caused the machine to consume so much memory. Then, I created a new HA instance but using the i440fx, and that fixed the issue.