Home Assistant Nest

I’m trying to link Home Assistant with Nest and followed the extensive manual step by step.

Now I’m stuck on the part where I’m adding the integration. Redirects to the Google Page, I Log in with my Nest Account (which is migrated to Google) and now it says: “No access to partner.”

Information could not be retrieved. Please contact HomeAssistant to verify that your account has been properly set up. You may need to add the developer email address as a home member in the Google Home app settings.

The later part I’ve tried, but as that is part of gSuite account you are not able to add this to Google Home.

So, it is a bit catch22. I’ve tried to add the account that is connected to Nest as a test User on the oAuth account, same result…

Additional info, neither of the accounts are part of the Advance Protection Program of Google

I am in the same situation as you it seems. I’ve gone through with my personal email address hit the nest migration issue so have used my partners gmail account which the nest thermostat is now linked to. I’ve also added the email as a test user but ‘No access to partner’.

Did you manage to find a resolution?

EDIT: after messing around with this for hours I decided to create a personal google account. There are literally hundreds of users of gsuite/gapps that have restrictions as a result of Google’s decision on this. I could not even login with the nest app. It cost an extra $5 to get working but save yourself the hours of headache.