Home Assistant not starting after update

I have a GENERIC X86-64 Home Assistant installation running of an Intel DQ77KB board. After updating to the latest core my installation fails on the GRUB startup.

Both slots A and B display (OK=1 TRY=3)
then I get following message:

Booting ‘Slot B (rescue shell)’
EFI stub: ERROR: exit_boot() failed!
EFI stub: ERROR efi_stub_entry() failed!
error: start_image() returned 0x8000000000000005.

Failed both default and fallback entries.

and then it just hangs on the GRUB menu.

I knew I should have studied Linux instead of windows I am screwed…

Question is I guess, can something be salvaged or should I just reinstall and do the setup from scratch?

Just restore it from a backup?

aah backups. It seems I have taught myself a valuable lesson.

Quick update,

Created new HA OS on a SSD and connected to same system, problem persists which indicated hardware issue. Updated Bios and confirmed secure boot and uefi is enabled.

Problem resolved, now to schedule those backups.