Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi, HASS.io, Conbee II, deCONZ, Xiaomi Aqara from scratch (How-to)

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Hi there!

I recently discovered the Home Assistant project and wanted to run it myself.

Goal was to run it on a Raspberry Pi together with those cheap Xiaomi Aqara sensors but without the Xiaomi gateway. As these are Zigbee devices you need a Zigbee gateway (Conbee II stick) and the deCONZ add-on.

I was totally overwhelmed with all the things, relationships and acronyms you need to understand to get a HA system up and running. So I documented my installation process in this blog post for all the newbies like me out there:


Hope it helps! Any comments / suggestions are highly welcome as I am still a total beginner in this space.



Thanks for contributing!

Thank you. I did not know Conbee II exists.

Just stumbled upon this when moving from hassbian to hass.io, great stuff and awesome job.