Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi, HASS.io, Conbee II, deCONZ, Xiaomi Aqara from scratch (How-to)

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Hi there!

I recently discovered the Home Assistant project and wanted to run it myself.

Goal was to run it on a Raspberry Pi together with those cheap Xiaomi Aqara sensors but without the Xiaomi gateway. As these are Zigbee devices you need a Zigbee gateway (Conbee II stick) and the deCONZ add-on.

I was totally overwhelmed with all the things, relationships and acronyms you need to understand to get a HA system up and running. So I documented my installation process in this blog post for all the newbies like me out there:


Hope it helps! Any comments / suggestions are highly welcome as I am still a total beginner in this space.



Thanks for contributing!

Thank you. I did not know Conbee II exists.

Just stumbled upon this when moving from hassbian to hass.io, great stuff and awesome job.

Thanks @trutz
Followed your simple instruction month ago, when moving from SD to SSD over USB.
It was fast move and its working perfect. Other parts are interesting especially about Conbee.

Only registered here to say thank you for your blog post! As a complete newbie to this i was just about to give up rpi and HA. On my final google search i found this post, followed your instructions and got the deCONZ working.
I am giving it another go!