Home Assistant OS install on QNAP nas

Hi all, I’m looking to make the jump to Home Assistant from Google Home to see if it works for me and the family and am looking for install help.

I’ve currently got a QNAP Nas and was wondering if it’s ok to run Home Assistant from that, and if there are any advantages or dissadvantages to doing so, ram is fine and i’d run it off an SSD so speed should be alright I suspect. I’m aware I could get a Raspberry Pi and have seen lots of installs for that but thought i’d use hardware i’ve already got.

I have seen posts about running it under container station on QNAP but was wondering if there was a way to install the full HA OS and if anybody knows of a current instation method to do so. If it’s too complicated or not possible i’ll just go down the Raspberry Pi route.

Gratefull for any help I can get.

it’s an old thread, but this might help…

Thanks for the quick response jchh, I took a look and in the comments it mentions HASS.io no longer exists and looking on google it mentions it not being very well supported at the time. hopefully there is another solution to try on the qnap with HA OS before jumping to a raspberry Pi.

I’m not the best with computer tech but is there a current guide to install a VM on a QNAP device and then install HA OS in that in the same way you would to a Raspberry Pi? I assume the steps are similar to the old post above with VM and HASS.io

Sorry, I though HASSIO and Homassistant OS were the same thing.

I have a QNAP (TS-453Bmini) and have certainly run HA container on it, but migrated to a R-Pi whuich I still use. I’d buy more if they were available…

Maybe they are the same thing and I just follow the steps above, maybe somebody else can also confirm.

My QNAP is quite similar, it’s a TS-453be