Home Assistant OS Release 8

I have a Raspbee II, version 2.15.03 / 21-4-2022. It’s also shown correctly, Can’t recall if it showed incorrect when it didn’t work.

For the Conbee II you should see a serial/by-id device like so (this is from my Rasberry Pi 4 test device running HAOS 8.0)

I guess deCONZ changed the graphics because you are using a ttyAMA0 device, which is what you would use if you had a Raspbee II.

If the serial/by-id device not appearing anymore, there is some lower level problem (driver not loading correctly/hardware problem). Are the host (kernel dmesg) logs saying something? Also try to unplug/replug the device at runtime.

What is your setup using exactly (what Raspberry Pi model/SD-card or SSD)?

When you connect a monitor after startup it often is not showing anything. If you try again, connect the monitor before updating. Your issue seems similar to what is described in this report: Restart issues on 8.0.rc1-4 - System seems to hang · Issue #1888 · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce this so far.

Yep, I do get that entry
if I play around with the tabs and radio buttons going back and forth :confused:
But like mentioned earlier, whenever this entry shows up and I select it, saving fails…

I’ll try to upgrade the Conbee II stick manually on Windows thanks to these links

Hm, that is weird, can you try restart the add-on and then save again? Maybe the front-end somehow has stale config entries, is the device still listed when reloading using Ctrl+F5? If its still present, is there maybe something in the Supervisor logs?

Im having some issues with the update.

My hassio is working (OS version running in a laptop) but only in the SLOT A. When I try to reboot using the WebUI I dont know why but It tries to boot from SLOT B and it get stuck in a weird screen. It is weird because its like half loaded hal not loaded so can’t see very well the error or the last component loaded.

Someone having similar issues?

Hmmm… There are quite a number of various boot problem reported in the net.

I’.m quite sure there are lots of people following the discussions and not updating before there is an indication that the problems are corrected. I’m one of them :slight_smile: I always read release notes and issue reports before updating.

Is there a ver 8.1 or alike coming any time soon?


I had the same issue as most people where my Home-Assistant wouldn’t start back up after the install of OS 8. I ended up having to pull the power and let the unit cool down before powering it back up. That resolved the issue for me.

I am using a hp elitedesk 800 g3 mini and have the boot issue after update.
“failer reading sector 0x10900 from hd1”

The Tip from Sangoku to enable legacy boot not worikng for me

Are you on a pi 4? I have to unplug power after shutdown or it will not restart on mine. Had this on all RC versions as well.

uncheck the other boot type to. then it shold read diferent partitions then before. That did the trick for me.

complete newbie here and slowly getting up to speed on HA. I’m migrating Insteon. Had everything working well with device discovery and automations. Upgraded when it asked me to and now Insteon hub can’t be found. Tried the reboot sequence of both hubs etc. No avail.

Having all kinds of issues after this install. Don’t even know where to begin. Can’t access supervisor or even its Logs or addons. Pulling the plug on RPi4 temporarily resolves it, but all issues come back after a while. Everything was working fine until OS 8.0 install. Is reverting back to 7.6 the same process as rolling back HA core?

Same issue for me.

Replying to myself.

Did a restore from a full backup/snapshot of yesterday (thank you Home Assistant Google Drive Backup add-on)
Like I was afraid, it did not fix the fact my ConBee II was still shown as a RaspBee in a “Not connected” state in the Phoscon interface :confused:

So I unplugged the Conbee stick and upgraded manually its firmware on Windows 10 following this tutorial.

Plugged back the stick on my extension cable on my RPi and got most things back like :

  • line /dev/serial/by-id/usb-dresden_elektronik_ingenieurtechnik_GmbH_ConBee_II_DE2254892-if00 in Deconz add-on
  • ConBee II in Phoscon interface (showing Version 2.15.03 / 21/04/2022 - Firmware 26780700)

All Zigbee devices seem to be up and running even those switches that are greyed out :man_shrugging:


Thanks for your comment !
I had the exact same problem, after the update, no more connection to my Raspbee II.
I turns out the update also changed the device configuration to /dev/ttyS0 for me

I switched back to /dev/ttyAMA0 and now everything is back to normal
@JeromeO: Note that I had to trigger some state changes manually to get all my devices back online

Yes I am on a Pi 4 4GB. I’m also booting off a flash drive and not an SD card.

After updating to HA OS 8 on my RPi 4B my dashboard does not load in browser or android app, I cannot SMB or SSH via terminal from my Mac. Hooking the RPi up to my monitor, I see it boot successfully and get to the CLI ‘ha >’ prompt, but don’t really know where to go from here. Am I toast?

If you have the ha> prompt, do some checking.

ha core info
ha supervisor info


Thanks, yeah, I have to find my USB keyboard. All I have right now is Bluetooth. I managed to get the dashboard to load on my phone app a few minutes ago, but by the time I got back to my laptop, it was no longer loading. I then rebooted my router and it seems to be loading everywhere now. I had unplugged my (EDIT: wrong controller) Nortek HUSBZB stick so all my ZigBee devices were unavailable. Plugged it back in and had to hit the “update configuration” button in the integration and everything seems to be back up and running. Very odd behavior.