Home Assistant OS setup NoT wifi access point

Is it possible to setup a local Network of Things (NoT) that uses the Raspberry Pi 3B+ built in WiFi for ESPHome devices? I use a wired internet connection to Home Assistant OS for Raspberry Pi (HAOS) and want all the ESP devices on a separate network. I found a lot of information about using a regular Linux system for the Raspberry Pi to do this, but nothing seems applicable to the new embedded HAOS.

I am not interested in a external network controller/router box.

A ESP32 development board plugged in to the Raspberry Pi does not seem to work with ESPHome on HAOS. I found ways to do this with the older HASS version that does not use the embedded HAOS.

What makes you think that the HAOS minimal hypervisor would support such a feature?
You basically want to run the Pi Wi-Fi interface as an Access point. (You can argue based on your idea of an Access Point, but I am a certified Wi-Fi engineer.) That feature is likely not part of HAOS.

see here :

and here :

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There seem to be a few of us that have created similar add-ons FWIW. Mine is/was a fork of the second one you’ve mentioned there (totally rebuilt since forking), but there’s also a couple of similar ones (see discussion here for a couple of them).

I think they’d all work well for what you’re trying to do. Whether or not you have hassio connected to a parent network, you/devices can also access home assistant via the WiFi (AP) IP address.