Home assistant power meters connected in series

I’ve been using Home Assistant for some time now, and it works great! Recently, I purchased a power meter for my main power line (PowerTag A9MEM1570), and it is up and running. However, I’ve encountered a small issue. The power meter measures the energy consumption of every device, but some of them already have their own power meters.

I’m wondering what is the best way to set up energy dashboard in my case. I can put there just one energy entity, but it will not show me device specific power usage. If I put all of them it will show sum, which will be wrong. Is there any clever solution I can use?
I saw similar post (Multiple energy meters on one line) but it gives no answer to the problem.
Hopefully there is a way of doing it.
Thanks in advance!

I’ve never bothered to do this, but I know some folks setup a template sensor to take their total power/energy and subtract out the individual devices they’re measuring. Then you can add the individual devices and the template sensor so the total still matches up.

There is a section to monitor seperate devices.

Afaik there are not counted as grid usage.