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Real-time messaging: https://discord.gg/c5DvZ4e


Cookbook/Examples: https://home-assistant.io/cookbook/


Perhaps nice to also list some community resources.
Will try to update over time.

HASS config
My config on Gist: gist.github.com/tomduijf/928e41853165135e509f

MQTT RGB led controller (ESP2866) (work in progress)
github.com/tomduijf/esp8266_ske … _light_rgb



HASS config
My config on Gist: gist.github.com/tomduijf/928e41853165135e509f[/quote]

Thanks tomduijf,

I took a look at your config, and it offers a lot of insight into a lot of features I didn’t know were available! Nice work.

One thing that was curious is the “mock” platform. I can’t seem to find how to enable/compile/include the ability to use this platform. Any insight into how to get this working?

I’d like to be able to create a mock switch that can be assigned to trigger automation, such as an “all lights” switch.


@Zebble github.com/balloob/home-assistant/pull/505




Just adding in my Repo to the resource list. I update it often and try to keep it well documented.


The first link (Gitter) can be updated to “home-assistant” instead of “balloob”.


Someone may want to change the gitter link to send people to discord…


Thanks. Updated.


I’ve just installed a fresh copy of HASS IO and hoping to start creating a few automations. However, I’m relatively new to Home Assistant and trying to find my way around.

The AUTOMATION BASICS section is a great outline the flow of how to create automations.

And resources like the COOKBOOK page are great for examples.

However, what’s really holding me back at the moment is not know how to discover what all the options are for the different triggers, conditions, and actions. As an example, one of the available Sun trigger events seems to be “sunset” (as stated here https://www.home-assistant.io/components/sun/). That’s very cool. How do I discover what other events are supported. I can guess that there is also a “sunrise” but is there an “equinox” or some other cool ones? How do I go about discovering what’s currently supported?

As a real example, I have IKEA Tradfri equipment. I want to detect events from the motion sensor. I’ve discovered this page (https://www.home-assistant.io/components/tradfri/) and this one on sensors, listed in the sidebar, but neither lists supported trigger events. Am I looking in the wrong place?

If the answer includes, “look through the code”, that’s fine. What’s the best way to find the code files that handle Tradfri sensor events?

I really like what Home Assistant is becoming and I’d like to jump in with both feet. I’m just having trouble finding my way around at the moment.

Thanks for any help.


Exact same situation here - totally new to the platform and having exactly same questions. Did you by any chance figure it all out?


I think the lack of a “reference guide” is a significant issue.
I’ve been using HA for years now and I often have to go searching for examples hoping to find the values I can use since they’re not all listed anywhere… AFAIK.

I would love to see an automatically-generated reference guide that showed the available conditions, etc. Something that doesn’t depend on people keeping it up to date, but is an accurate reflection of what’s in the code.


I’ll post mine too



Some of my favorites…