Home assistant VM on VMWare ESXI 7.0 doesn't goes USB Passthru

I’ve an VMWare ESXI 7.0 on a computer in my house, I have some VM, a Debian 11 a PBX and Home Assistant, to install it I downloaded from the official website the OVA and install it, it goes very well.

Just I bought a sonoff zigbee usb and I want to connect it to my virtual machine, if I activate the USB Passthru support on the VM with Debian 11, I can find the sonoff usb key, but when I use the USB Passthru support on the Home Assistant VM I can’t see the usb key.

I tryied to log in the console and run lsusb and I don’0t see it, so I tryied to upgrade the VM as suggest in the vmware docs, but nothing, than I deleted the vm created by the original OVA and I create a new one than I attached the vmdk files, the VM goes but the USB no, I used a usb pen drive but the os doen’t find it as the sonoff one.

Have you any suggest?

Maybe here: Search results for 'esxi' - Home Assistant Community ?

Already done and I don’t find a solution about that, looks like that the usb are disabled/not supported at os level

use serial2lan ?

data_path: /share/zigbee2mqtt
  port: tcp://

the virtual machine doesn’t find the hardware

I’m pretty sure that you have to add a USB controller in the settings to the virtual machine and then pass that on.

Yes this is possible I’m using it now,add a USB controller in the settings to the virtual machine and then pass that through in the remote console.

Already I add USB controller 2.0 and PCI USB controller to the VM, same I does to another vm with Debian and it goes but when I do it to the Home Assistant OS VM it doesn’t goes, it doesn’t show the attached device using lsusb byt the console