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I ordered the Yellow and it should hopefully be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been researching z-wave capabilities and the info on the Crowd Supply page says it’s compatible with Aeotech’s Z-Pi 7. However, 1. it’s barely available anywhere and 2. the one site I found that had them in stock does not carry it for the US market. So it looks to me (especially considering the lack of any info whatsoever about the product on Aeotech’s own site), the US version is still (many many months later) not released.

Does anybody know any more about this? More importantly, is that the only z-wave option? Something I read gave me the impression that it is. But I find that hard to believe since there’s always workarounds for just about any issue. Please enlighten me (even if it’s not great news), I have quite a few z-wave devices and would need to migrate them to Hubitat or something if it’s a no-go. Thanks for any info you may offer.

Take your pick:

The question is, are you looking to use an USB device or an internal serial device on the Yellow pin header?

I’m using an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 on a RPi4 BUT this required a hardware mod to fix a manufacturing error (USB D+ pulled-up to 5V rather than 3V3). The Gen5+ has this fixed and can also support S1/S2 security modes. These fixes work on a RPi4, which strongly suggests the very similar hardware of the RPi CM4 will also work.

The other option is to use something like a RaZberry, or Aerotec Z-Pi 7 module which use serial header pins. The RPi4 serial interface causes issues with Bluetooth (shared interface needs remapping), but the CM4 might be different. There were early reports of the Amber case working with the RaZberry connected internally, but I’ve not heard anything definitive since for Yellow. The Pi 7 is also a 700 series interface which has some advantages.

Personally, I moved from a RaZberry to a modified Z-Stick Gen5 as the kit was bought previously, and moving a USB stick is simpler than remapping serial / Bluetooth. I also wonder if having several radios close together is a good idea.

Once more folk have the Yellow, and the CM4 image stabilises, I might move from a 500 to a 700 series Z-Wave device - but then there will be more certainty around physical space in the case, port setup and interference (mentioned again on the 2022-08 release party regarding Bluetooth resets). I’m certainnly going to use a USB 90degree adaptor to get the stick aerial away from the plane of the PCB.

AeoTec were mentioned as working with Nabu Casa / Z-Wave JS on firmware updates, so there might also be a chance of “Works with HASS Yellow” being confirmed.

can you be more specific on this? As far as I understood you have to turn Bluetooth off to get the hat working on a Pi4? Is that not so when you say “remapping” it sounds like you could reconfigure something that Z-wave and Bluetooth both will work.

I am asking, because I got a really cheap Razberry2 Hat and tried to install it yesterday. Without any luck until I came across the fact that I had to edit the config file and thought I will loose Bluetooth then. I don’t want to lose BT because eventhough not using it yet, I am counting a little bit on the BT support in the new HA version…
I actually only have 5 Z-Wave device: 2x dimmers and 3x roller shutters /shade control. Since everything else is with Zigbee, I am thinking about changing those to zigbee as well instead of spending 50+ Euros on a Z-wave usb dongle or just get a bluetooth one and disable bluetooth for the hat (could be the cheaper way…)?!

The RPi4 has multiple serial UARTs in the BCM hardware, so I’ve read it is possible to retain Bluetooth and use the serial i/f on P8+P10. This is something I specifically avoided by moving to a USB Z-Wave device, so Google Is Your Friend!

N.B. You may see benefit from creating a Z-Way install on a spare uSD to maintain the RaZberry firmware.
I had issues with Z-Wave delays for dead devices (openHAB Z-Wave stack is pretty good, but couldn’t reverse engineer the proprietary commands well enough) so used Z-Way to un-associate from the radio, and also apply several firmware updates.

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