Home Assistant Yellow

This project was originally published under the name Home Assistant Amber.

To celebrate our 8th birthday we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign for Home Assistant Yellow. We designed Home Assistant Yellow from scratch for both beginners and home automation enthusiasts to be the easiest way to run Home Assistant.

We will be hosting a Home Assistant Yellow live stream today at 12.00 PDT / 21.00 CEST. We will talk about how Home Assistant Yellow came to be and answer any questions you might have!

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This is awesome! Should be worth the wait if chip supply recovers and costs come back down.


I would like to (pre)order a HA Yellow, However I can not choose if I should pick a CM with eMMC or a Lite.
I wonder, if I buy a CM with eMMC and put an SSD in it, can i install Raspberry OS on the eMMC and HA on the SSD? Or am I forced to install HA OS on the eMMC? Even if i choose a CM with eMMC, i think its better to install HA on the SSD?

I ordered a home assistant yellow. I am planning to get the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB module (which is the Homatic CCU as a chip for Raspberry PI). I was wondering if this module will work on the J11 10-pin GPIO? Here is a link to the module https://www.amazon.de/-/en/HomeMatic-Radio-Module-Raspberry-HM-MOD-RPI-PCB/dp/B01G2FM4F0

I read that you can connect a Z-Wave module this way but I wanted to make sure before I buy it.


Is this shipping?
Will we be able to get them from Europe to not pay custom fees?

What is the advantage of this over an ordinary Raspberry Pi 4?

Nicer looking device. Especially important if you need it somewhere visible to be central in your ZigBee/zwave network. Also it has built in ZigBee/matter.

Can I connect to my KlikAanKlikUit devices ootb with this device?

It appears that the KlikAanKlikUit devices uses zigbee. Yellow comes with a zigbee radio (upgradable to Matter in the future) so you should be able to connect your KlikAanKlikUit devices to yellow.

Depends on what KAKU devices we are talking about. The non premium devices are RF. For that you need additional hardware.

This box used the Silicon Labs MGM210P based on the EFR32MG21 SoC. At the moment I’am using a dongle bsed on a TI CC2652P which works very well. I wonder how the EFR32MG21 performs compared to the CC2652P :thinking:

I’m trying to decide between the standard version vs the kit (minus the CM4). The only advantage I can see about getting the kit is buying a CM4 with more ram than the one that comes with the standard Yellow. What I’m not sure of, however, is whether that’s enough of a reason. I’d appreciate some thoughts/opinions on anyone who’s made a similar decision. Thanks!

Finding a CM4 could be an issue.


Thanks. I hadn’t realized how hard to find they are right now.

If you don’t mind burning some money, there are other things out there (more available than the raw board) that use a CM4, from which you can harvest the board from. I’ve been running my two HA instances on these mini-routers (https://www.seeedstudio.com/dual-gbe-carrier-board-with-4gb-ram-32gb-emmc-rpi-cm4-case-p-5029.html) for awhile. When my Yellow PoE kits arrive, I intend to pop the CM4 off the mini router and drop it into the Yellow along with an NVMe SSD and a raZberry 7 Pro.

Hi Folks… Have been reading through various posts on Home Assistant Yellow, and haven’t really arrived on an answer to which CM4 to use?

I know there are varying opinions and views, but what do people think is a good beginner CM4? I already have virtual machines running various things, so am not looking to the Home Assistant Yellow to be the HA host or anything like that.

In fact, the main driver behind purchasing a Home Assistant Yellow was to manage my ZigBee, and beyond that it will really be a voyage of discovery. Bottom line, I dont want to go overboard with the CM4, and will be looking to utilise the M.2 slot for storage.

Would be thrilled if Raspberry Pi offered a CM4 with no eMMC and loads of RAM, but alas that is not the case. So I guess I am wondering… does the CM4 for Home Assistant Yellow really need eMMC, and if not, how much RAM would be a good minimum for the Home Assistant Yellow?

Thanks in advance for input/thoughts.

Actually, RPi does offer the CM4 in a ton of configurations, for example

This is a CM4 (all have the same CPU) with WiFi/Bluetooth, 8GB of RAM, and no eMMC.

I personally have bought a CM4104032, which has WiFi/BT, 4GB RAM, and 32GB of eMMC. With such tight supply these days, I was pretty happy to find this one.

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Hey @ogiewon, thanks for the info. That CM4108000 looks awesome, but alas it appears to be sold out literally everywhere. Except for the people selling them for crazy amounts.

I have been able to grab CM4 units with similar specs to your CM4104032, but wasn’t sure if that was the way to go. I have a spare CM4 so will go with that for now, but will be on the hunt for a CM4108000 in the future.

EDIT: Dont suppose anyone has a good tip on where I might purchase a CM4104032 to be shipped to Australia? Some of the prices online a are nuts! And the places with reasonable pricing (Seeed, etc) have no stock.

Thanks, Mark

This site is pretty useful for finding Raspberry Pi boards. There is a massive shortage, as you’ve already noted, which is why this site was created.


Good luck on your hunt!