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Never mind. A factory reset on the sensors (new out of the box) was required.

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Were you ruing your system on the SSD or was it just the data disk? What’s the process for changing to a new drive?

My system is on the emmc and the data disk is on the SSD. If the SSD goes bad, will my system boot with an empty data disk after I replace the SSD? Will it go into the onboarding process? I have all my backups on google drive, I may add a network storage to keep a local version in case the drive goes bad.

Yes. I was running the system on the SSD, since my CM4 has no EMMC. I’m not sure what happens to the system if you added an SSD as data storage. But you can always reset the HA Yellow and reinstall the system on the EMMC. Afterwards just replace the SSD and restore a backup. If you for some reason can’t perform a reset, it should still be possible to reinstall the system with a USB-stick like you did the first time.

I would, naturally, recommend that you remove and replace the old SSD before you reset the system.


Hello All
I’m New to the HA Community. I’m a Hubitat C8 user. I would like to use HA Yellow standard in conjunction with my Hubitat Hub. I only see that RasberryPi.dk and SeeedStudio selling these Yellow standard hubs. Can someone refer me to which configuration to get ? I want the Yellow Standard but then they ask if I need SSD. So the question is …what SSD size I should get ? Thankyou in advance

No one ever got fired for buying too much storage or ram. Max it out, depending on budget. What sizes are they offering?

250gb, 500gb, 1tb, 2tb

Now what is your budget for the upgrade in storage? Which is closes to that $$$ value. Make your decision. I have a 2 TB in my HA-Yellow Pi 4.

ic…thankyou…wow…lol… 1tb was my cutoff…I was going to go with 500gb. But I don’t understand the purpose of this…Do I need that much ? sorry for the noob question

It depends on how big you grow your installation of devices, the number of integrations, add-ons, automations, scenes, scripts, blueprints, voice stuff, cards, etc. Then how long you want to keep data for comparison over the years.

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Not unless you are recording video to the drive. Yellow wouldn’t be my choice if I was planning on video.

Most HAOS installs will be quite happy with a 32gb or 64gb card.

I’d probably go with the 250gb option with no video.


This is HAOS, the add-ons shown below, and I have four cameras (albeit lower resolution Fire Tabs) setup with Frigate for 10 second clip storage and 24 hours constant recording. Granted, I have default log retention set in HA and just added influxdb yesterday, so I imagine this will grow, but can’t imagine it would be by much for even 6 months of storage in influxdb.


I added a SSD 500 GB which largely exceeds my needs.
Including backups, I have some 420 unused GB.

The system itself doesn’t need that much. Only if you are going to use video or file sharing then you need more then 100GB
I have 1TB and save my videos for 100 days. Still I only use 33%

I was checking for file sharing but options are limited. I think I need a separate NAS for that.

Thankyou everyone
I now have a better understanding of what i need.

I just need a HA Yellow Standard without any Extras…lol

I just ordered an HA Yellow Std with no extras.
Ordered from Seeed Studio

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Im excited
Cant wait to get my yellow !