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Yes, it will move with a standard backup.
If @HugosDad wants to migrate away from the Hue Bridge later to Zigbee on the Yellow, it will be unpair from the Bridge and then manually pair everything to the Yellow via ZHA (or whatever flavour of Zigbee Hub) and then make sure the entities match the automations already in use.

And it is not trivial to re-pair Hue stuff. Z2M has a good summary of the methods. Philips 433714 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT


I think I’ll leave the Hue hub… It’s in the loft anyway!


When/if you start to experiment with Yellow’s zigbee, know that you can have both ZHA or zigbee2mqtt and Hue running at the same time. It doesn’t have to be all one or the other.

Move a few devices over to HA, compare with Hue, and keep what you like.

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I don’t think you can run z2m and zha on the same co-ordinator.

You can’t, I said “or”. Maybe needed an extra comma in there.

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sorry, misread here.

Guess what turned up today… HA Yellow! It’s lovely.

I don’t run any zigbee on my Pi just now so, as above, looking forward to migrating some of my hardware to talk directly to the Yellow. I saw some people are buying the expansion cards for Z-Wave, and the range on some Z-wave devices looks incredible…

So, with Thread/Matter just around the corner and already being built in to the Yellow, is there a definite advantage to adding Z-Wave?
Thanks all for your inputs so far, super interesting to learn more about this side of HA

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Lucky man. What was your ship date on corowdsupply? When / did you get a tracking number before it came? Are you US based or elsewhere? Sorry for the interrogation.

I’m have two Yellows on order and will be adding Z-Wave on both via a raZberry 7 for a couple different reasons:

  1. at one of the two locations I already have an extensive Z-Wave foot print, so that is a given, but I’m still adding it at the second location which is currently just Lutron RA3.

  2. the excellent key master integration is Z-Wave only, so for now I am sticking with Z-wave locks at both locations

  3. Z-wave long range looks promising. I was planning on using LoRa via YoLink for some out building sensors, but they have yet to announce a date for their local hub. Thread may solve the outbuilding problem eventually as with v1.3 and up you are supposed to be able to have multiple border routers on the same thread network…

Ship date was 4th November so was surprised to see it turn up today here in the UK.

I suppose it’s easy enough to Z-wave later, if any of the devices that talk that language take my fancy.



Did you not get a shipment notification from crowdsupply?

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Yeah, missed it in the sea of emails tho

Crowd Supply’s inventory management appears to be a total clown show. Below is the response I received inquiring as to when those of us with (now) 10/4 ship dates should be expecting our orders. Not only do they have no idea of what is / is not being currently being shipped, it doesn’t appear they can even do the basic inventory math to determine if we are in the current batch or will be kicked back to the January batch. At that point I might as well re-order the PoE variant, or give up on this clown show and just try to find a CM4 carrier board with PoE and an M2 slot.


Thanks for contacting Crowd Supply! So I believe we have received batches of units to our warehouse and those are going to shipping soon, if not right this minute. The order in which units are dispersed go to the original backers of the project in late 2021 and then Pre-Order customers from there!

So if you do not receive an email confirmation within the next week or two stating your order has shipped, it will probably be included on the next batch!


In January they’ll say that you are maybe in the next batch :sweat_smile:

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That does sound bad.


Mine’s coming this afternoon! Woo woo.


Yep I got a near identical message. It appears these aren’t even shipping in order according to Nick.

Please remember this isn’t Nabu Casas fault and all they can do is change their future suppliers. But for now we can only wait or cancel.

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Yeah I was on the August 12th shipping date after switching from the pre-order POE, but apparently that does not mean anything at all. Too bad I already bought the CM4, otherwise by now I’d just cancel the whole thing and stay with my current rpi4/SATA combo (or even move the whole installation to a VM on my NAS).

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at least, this one support employee doesn’t know.

but this doesn’t sound good or convincing in any way.
and who is to say you’ll be in the January batch if you won’t receive anything right now?

The math can’t be hard, they receive 2000(or something) devices, then select the first 2000 orders and give all a honest shipment date instead of moving it up week by week and not informing customers at all.

I already have my CM4 else I would have cancelled and reordered once stuff is actually in stock.