Home Assistant Yellow

so I got mine today, installed a SSD. can’t seem to find any documentation on how to set it up and use the SSD though. any advice?

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Documentation can be found here: Home Assistant Yellow Guide (home-assistant.io)

I was actually expecting this to be possible using the usb-c connector.

Depends on if you are installing a SSD as the ONLY storage, or if you have a kit with a CM4 containing eMMC storage and a pre-installed HASSOS image.

  • CM4 with eMMC for the OS + SSD for data only = Install as normal, then Settings → Storage → top right … → Move Data disk
  • CM4 with no eMMC + SSD = create a HASSOS USB drive, install, wait.
  • CM4 with eMMC unused + SSD for everything = :man_shrugging:t2:
    I suspect a USB drive HASSOS reinstall might use the eMMC over the SSD, but my SSD is in the post so this is untested!
    A USB M.2 dock might allow HASSOS to be installed directly onto the SSD from a PC (ignoring the eMMC), but the eMMC may need erasing first (so it doesn’t get used for boot).

We’re discussing Yellow M.2 SSD installs on another thread…


can’t find it anywhere but because of a crash i been forced to clean install my Home assistant, now i m working to get everything up again in Zigbee2MQTT but i was wondering if Zigbee2MQTT will be working with the yellow? Because my yellow will arrive in about a month or so…

Otherwise i will have to use ZHA but i prefer Zigbee2MQTT. :smiley:

Yep, I’m in the same boat. I have two houses, so two Yellows on order, and already procured 2x CM4s 4GB/32GB/Wireless.

Know of any good carrier boards with an M2 slot and PoE? I don’t think I can wait till January to finish extracting myself from SmartThings if they push us back till then. The TOFU board looks like good (somewhat expensive) option that has an M2 slot, but probably won’t be able to use PoE since it requires the Pi POE hat which as far as I know blocks the GPIO pins needed for use a raZberry 7 for Z-Wave (another thing I also procured, expecting my Yellow back in July).

I’m very understanding and aware that there are setbacks and delays in these sorts small scale (relatively) electronics production ventures, but what gets me is the total lack of communication and proper setting of expectations.

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I’m thinking of doing exactly the same thing. For me the reason for getting HA Yellow was the inbuilt Zigbee / Matter but HA have released Sky Connect so I don’t need Yellow.

Also just listening to the Self Hosted podcast who think/have heard that they may stop making Yellow. They can’t get hold of CM4 units as 95% are going to industrial customers.

Just got my shipment notification. I have to say, I didn’t expect two days between that notification and delivery to Europe, so hats off to CrowdSupply/Mouser for using a fast courier service (FedEx in this case).


Great news @mundschenk-at. When did you place your order? Might give us some idea where they are up to in the queue.


Originally in March, but I only changed to the non-POE version in July.


I’d suggest checking the courier tracking regularly (which you will be anyway :slight_smile: ) as mine took just 24h from dispatch email to delivery to the UK.
Thankfully, the dispatch email warnings about import duty and tax (Brexit :face_vomiting:) proved not to be the case, and my Yellow arrived very quickly with no extra fees.
(Order 2021-09-16; delivery to UK 2022-10-10).


Did you have CrowdSupply customer service switch your order, or just order a new PS kit and cancel the PoE order?

I ordered my 2x PoEs back in Feb, then in July ordered two regular PS kits and cancelled my PoE orders. Hope I didn’t shoot myself in the foot and miss the boat for the current batch by doing that. My regular kits orders in July still said originally estimated to ship: Aug 12, 2022, and now Estimated to ship: Oct. 14, 2022… Also seems like they are prioritizing shipments to UK / Europe.

My remaining SmartThings deployment is badly degraded, and I desperately need to get fully switched over to HA. WAF is plummeting to the point where I am looking at an eviction :crazy_face:.

You and I are in the same boat. I just emailed Crowd Supply and am waiting for a reply back. This situation sucks.

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100% agree with you on the lack of communication.

I’m in in the ‘Ordered PoE and then ordered a standard after the delay’ boat and still have no idea if/when I’ll get one of my Yellow’s.

I pre-ordered a bunch of Inovelli blue switches around the same time I ordered my Yellow and the difference in communication between the two projects is shocking. Inovelli had frequent transparent communication throughout the process and while there were some minor delays they were upfront and there were realistic expectations set. I feel the exact opposite about the Yellow - infrequent updates only after something has gone wrong and we have no idea when we will get our devices.

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I have sent three e-mails to Crowdsupply on different occations:

10 Aug, recived autoreply with ticket number, never any real reply.
30 Sep, recived autoreply with ticket number, never any real reply.
7 Oct, I responded to the autoreply recived from the 30 Sep and asked whats going on, no autoreply no nothing.

Ordered a Yellow kit with Power Supply EU cord, (No SSD or CM4) on the 7 May 2022 and I still haven’t heard anything. Current status is “Estimated to ship: Oct 14”,
I can put money on that it will be yet another delay without proper communications in my case.

If I hadn’t purchased a CM4 already for this I would have cancelled and not looked back to be honest.


I emailed requesting a cancellation of my order. Took 1 hour 15 minutes to confirm it’s been cancelled.

I had them switch it via a support ticket.

Damn. That might have been a fatal error in hindsight. Probably lost my place in line… At the time I just wanted to get an order in for the PS variant asap post the PoE delay announcement.

Even though the root cause of the disorder and lack of communication lies at the feet of CrowdSuppy and Mouser, I’m disappointed that the Yellow project owners aren’t stepping in as the direct customer of CS, demanding transparency and accountability, and providing us with timely updates and clear information.

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Hi @rolfl
I just received my yellow and encounter the same problem with a CM4 lite with no eMMC.
Do you found any solution ?