Home Connect

Home Connect is an API that allows you to connect to Bosh and Siemens home appliances.

I’ve searched around and found no mention of such an integration, which seems like a shame. Imagine being able to integrate the fridge, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and coffee machine into home assistant.

It seems like Home Connect is fairly early in its adoption cycle. All the high-end devices from Bosh Siemens House Appliances are shipping with this capability, but I guess it takes some time before a critical mass of users is achieved.

In December they announced an Alexa integration.

I don’t personally have one of these devices, however we were involved in a hackathon where a prototype interface for a blind person was built. Home Connect lent us a demo oven and appropriate API key to build the prototype using Raspberry Pi. We built a 4 button remote with audio feedback based on common portable audio computers used by people without sight.


While it says on this page that it is not yet possible to connect to real devices using the SDK, this is incorrect. We were able to obtain a developer key and a demo oven for the hackathon. In any case, since there is a simulator for the devices we are continuing playing around with what we can build in this space. I am currently configuring Home Assistant for some elderly people so make their lives easier, and a home connect integration would definitely help me there. Potential uses here are: Automatically turning off an oven or stove when it has been on too long or the users leaves the apartment; Notifying when the washing or drying is done; giving adult children access to the fridge cam so that they can buy missing groceries when they come to visit; etc.

I’m open to alternatives to Home Connect from other suppliers if they exist (perhaps that Samsung Smart Fridge?)

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I have the Siemens, and this would be very cool to integrate, it already has an Alexa skill enabled, HA next step :slight_smile:


I too have a Bosch washer and I’m thinking of configuring a solution with the IFTTT Maker channel and its Home Connect counterpart. I’m still a bit unsure about how to do a neat integration into Home Assistant (never dabbled with the Maker channel before and I understand it may take a while to get server responses).

An native integration into Home Assistant would be grand for these products.

Hi Josh and others,

Did you get any further with your search to use the homeconnect API with home assistant?
I am now looking for this as well (specifically for a Siemens washing machine) but cant find much about it.

Thanks for any information or pointers,


Not a direct answer to your question, but I managed to get some Bosch HomeConnect washer functionality into HA via the IFTTT Maker channel and web request to HA (door opened/closed, start/stop time). It updates fairly quickly but is a rather cumbersome setup.

I would love this.
I just got a Washer and noticed that the Alexa skill is missing for it in the US skill store (exist in UK store)

But ofc I would prefer a neat HA-integration :slight_smile:

Please someone implement this. I just got their oven and its amazing what you can do with the app. Hopefully we will have it in home assistant to atleast se the state and get a “Dinner is ready honey” from home assistant :=)

Voting for this as well


Would be really nice if this became available!

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I just bought a house and was thinking to buy quite a lot of bosch devices. I’m kinda new to ha and i don’t have a live version up and running (because i still have to renovate my home) but it would be pretty neat if i could integrate my bosch products!

Does anybody has more news about this to share? Or knows where i could find some additional information?

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Hi Jakob, unfortunately there appears to be no updates. There is still no Home Assistant component for Home Connect.

A developer would need to take a look at the API and build this integration for there to be a possibility to control Home Connect devices from within Home Assistant.

I would be very interested in this as well.

Recently had to replace all my kitchen appliances, and turns out they all now support HomeConnect. Would be pretty darn cool.

I am also interested in this. Would be very nice, if Home Connect will be implemented

Please add Siemens and Bosch Home Connect to Home assistant.
They are the leading suppliers in Europe for home appliances.

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I am also interested in this.

I am also very interested in this.
Would be very nice, if Home Connect will be implemented in HA.

Any news regarding this?
I own a Coffe Machine a Dishwasher and an Oven, all featuring HomeConnect.
Can I help somehow?

Hi all,
starting to automate this weekend. and this is one i realy want.
i will keep following this link. got a washing machine with home connect

Would be a great addition! Have two wifi connected appliances using home connect. Maybe when I have some time I could have a look at it myself.

Might be possible to integrate through IFTTT in the meantime: https://ifttt.com/hc_washer