Home Theatre Fire Tablet. How can I integrate everything into Home Assistant?

I would like to replace all of my remotes with a Fire Tablet
I have a Broadlink RM Mini 3
A NAD T 748V2
and A LG TV
Here are my questions:
Is there any easy way to get these into home assistant and get remote codes
Is there any sort of way to emulate the logitech harmony?
How can I get my PlayStation 3 into Home Assistant?
Any good ideas for a UI?

I might get a harmony:

There is also this:

I would get that but I already have a fire tablet

Ok, when you said this

I thought you were still considering options. There’s also the fact that the Yio is still in development and not yet available.

That remote does look very cool but it looks like it would be a lot of work to put together and I don’t have a 3D Printer

I expect the cases will be available as part of the package. Or you could get them printed at shapeways.

Just in case you are still interested in the YIO remote, there’s a kickstarter now and there are still some packages left. The package ships with most parts, you need to get an SD card, a Pi Zero W, a charging cable and adapter and a LiPo battery in addition. Then it is only a matter of assembling the kit.

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