HomeAssistant OS won't boot after Update HAOS Update 12.3 (Revert GRUB2 patch causing boot failure on some old x86_64 BIOSes (#3324))

Stuck with Grub2 Freezing on legacy X86 Hardware with every boot slot since this Update.

I Updated via Web GUI, and it did not come Back. Please Help? What should i do now?

Similar issue here. I have haos on a Raspberry pi 3B. When I updated using to UI booting fails. Removing the z-stick stick allows it to boot.

I reinstalled haos and restored an older backup to get it working again

No Chance on Reverting the “Reverted Grub2 Patch”?

Any Chance on getting Help and/or Step by Step Instructions with Links on how to make a new installation boot Stick, installing the Google Drive Backup Plugin and Restoring the Backup that is stored there online?

well thanks for nothing i gues…

Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant

I’m not able to boot HomeAssistant OS After performing exactly this steps. I’m stuck with Grub2 freezing exactly like after applying the Update via HomeAssistant GUI…

Please Help… Somebody for godsake…

Same issue but no older backup… Help…

If even a new installation for 12.3 doesn’t work, you can get the previous OS version 12.2 (or even 12.1) from the Home Assistant Operating System GitHub releases at Releases · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub.

Ideally you also open a issue on the issue tracker at Issues · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub.

What hardware are you using (type/model)?

I’ve successfully installed and booted HomeAssistant OS 12.2, but I’m encountering an issue with restoring my full backup from May 7th, 2024 (filename: 2024-05-07 04_00_00.tar). After entering my encryption password, it seems to be stuck spinning for hours.

I’ll provide hardware details later on.

Any advice or assistance on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

I’ve managed to successfully restore from backup, completed updates, and rebooted all systems, with the exception of HAOS 12.3. Everything appears to be functioning as normal again.

Ideally, a moderator like yourself would seamlessly transition matters like this to the Issue Tracker without even needing to mention it.

Regarding hardware, I’m utilizing this thin client: Fujitsu ESPRIMO Q920. If there are any further details needed, please let me know. Thanks!

I Transered the Issue to GitHub for you guys: GitHub: generic-x86-64 HAOS 12.3 Grub2 Freezing on all Slots since Update from 12.2. (Revert GRUB2 patch causing boot failure on some old x86_64 BIOSes (#3324)) #3375

Direct Link to the Issue Tracked by Another User: Update to 12.3 prevents boot on Fujitsu Esprimo Q920 #3348

Additionally, here’s a direct link to an alternative solution that doesn’t require wiping and reinstalling HomeAssistant, nor the need for a backup: (x86_64) HA OS doesn’t boot when updating from 12.1 to 12.2 #3305

Thanks, bye.