'HomeAssistantCore.update' blocked from execution, system is not healthy

hi I have a problem with the update tells me that the installation is not intact how can I solve it thanks

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My system suddenly also unhealthy…

see here:

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after restart, healthy , but “unsupported” !
Hassos 7.4 is “unsupported” for HA … ??

Yeah, it’s really weird, mine says the same, unhealthy and unsupported, and I don’t even see an announcement on their page about this, very disappointing!


Read the link I posted, I dont do that for no reason!

I had the same error, and did a full host reboot.
Now it isn’t even starting anymore…

Auto supervisor update seems to have broken HA. This happened after an auto supervisor update.

I restarted the supervisor and it no longer gives me an error

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Still the same error after Supervisor restart or Host reboot.

I have the same error…
Already restarted several times…
" * We have received multiple reports that restarting the Supervisor (or rebooting your instance if you want to use a harder measure), should resolve all the open issues reported." is clearly not true

Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. For some it is true. It is not hard true/false science, so please don’t put it out like that. Thanks :+1:

“for some it is true” is true :slight_smile:
Was only worried that your statement assumed that everything was solved…
But, I’m convinced this will be solved soon.

It did not state that I wrote “We have received multiple reports that restarting the Supervisor”, meaning some reported that resolved the issue for them; which I thought was worth sharing. I nowhere write that it is the finite solution.

Ok, that’s clear.

update: Latest update seems to solved the Supervisor problem. Thanks !

If you have access to the system terminal or one of the SSH add-on terminals, you can try running the following commands to trigger an update:
ha supervisor reload
ha supervisor update

A message appears that no update is available.
Host reboot = No change and the same problem. :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: The error message and the wrong version-Nr. are still there

but the “system is not healthy” message is gone.

Edit 2: After the Core Update from 2022.2.9 to 2022.3.3 the errors are gone.

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Hi @frenck

With this scary message, I don’t understand why it’s not a top-liner, at least for now, on the home-page.
I personally know where to look, and it didn’t take me long to find it on github, but there are a lot of people out there that needs to know about Home Assistant and it’s blessings, that would be scared of by such a message in their installation.
You need to have processes and procedures in place for such problems, and spread the calming word of ‘it’s only cosmetics’, and the best is either in the blog on the homepage, or at the front of the homepage.

If you get that message out there, it will also releive the pressure a bit on the developers.

I’ve worked extensively with PPG and one of the first things to do, is to delegate, one to communicate (ie. update the webpage, follow up on forums) and the others to fix the issue, one person cannot, and should not, handle both.

Thankyou for the great effort and your fast responses on github and here, it is much appreciated.


We did our best to get it in all relevant places, including issue handling to point everything to central resources.

I’ve worked extensively with PPG and one of the first things to do, is to delegate, one to communicate (ie. update the webpage, follow up on forums) and the others to fix the issue, one person cannot, and should not, handle both.

I think that would have been quite an overkill reaction for this. (PS: I did not fix the issue, so it was split over multiple people to handle this).

We do have handling and procedures in place for these things, which included systems to be able to recover from things like this.

And I really do appreciate that @frenck, I think it was clearly communicated, but I think you missed the point, sorry, it should show up easily on the home page, and as this was not a real problem, it would be a big releif for quite a few people.
I had people contacting me here, way before I saw the message myself, and it didn’t take me long to find an answer, but they didn’t have the knowledge about where to find it, and how to decipher the “cryptic” messages.

Yes, in this case I would absolutely agree, but it’s a question of escalation of course.
You talk about procedures in the code, I talk about procedures for handling people.
I’ve been through enough big system crashes in my more than 30 years in IT to know that information is king, no matter how serious the problem may or may not be, if you can tell people easily what is wrong, and when it will be fixed, most of the fretting and pressure is gone :slight_smile:

I mean I’ve had people escalating system breakdowns (IT Pros that is) which turned out to be expired passwords on a service account, geeez, where the guy himself didn’t set the correct password and policy for it. But to tell the clients, that nothing is lost, and things will be fixed in xx hours (or in that case seconds) gives a much more professional experience, and induces trust.

I know nabu casa is a coding company, and most people there are coders, but regular people are not coders, and most doesn’t communicate via pull requests or the likes :laughing:


Home Assistant is not a company, but an open source project. Everybody does their best.
You cannot compare open source with a company like you do above.

I come from a similar background and am aware of the message you are trying to get across. In this case, I do not agree with the suggestion of putting this out more. Most people won’t have noticed it even, it wasn’t a big of a deal from my perspective.

This was handled swiftly and correctly IMHO, by all parties involved. All communication channels have been monitored, answered, and centralized, even outside of our own Home Assistant community (e.g., third-party Discord servers).

Nevertheless, thanks for the feedback. I’m now going to open a beer and relax :wink: :beers: