HomeAssistent + other services on Ubuntu VM on QNAP TS-453B (Celeron J3455 @ 1.50GHz, 8GB RAM)?

I’m not that comfortable running and doing stuff using the systems of QNAP (Container Station and so on) but was wondering if it is a good idea to just have a permanent (Ubuntu) VM running and doing all my self-hosted stuff from there? This would definitely be HomeAssistant and potentially other self-hosted tools (NextCloud?). I have a QNAP TS-453B with a Celeron CPU J3455 @ 1.50GHz and 8GB RAM.

Is the hardware powerful enough?

Any experiences or guides with/for this?

Can you recommend a certain VM or work-practice? As is evident, I’m still very much a novice to the self-hosted / DIY / Home Automation scene.

For me Hass.Io on Qnap is working really well and I can recommend it.
My way to install HASSIO on QNAP NAS

Im sure there are ways for HA to max out some hardware, but I havent discovered it yet. Right now I have 12 wifi bulbs, 5 motion sensors, 6 door sensors, 2 IP camera’s (on front end and recording on HA upon motion), 8 thermostats, a logitech hub, chromecast, a ring doorbell, a ton of automatons via mqtt and node red… it all worked fine on a raspberry pi 2. I switched to a pi 3 so i could boot from usb. Only (re)starting hass is slow.

That celeron, its difficult to compare but is somewhere between 2 and 10x faster than a pi3. And has 8x more ram.