Homekit Component add plugin

Is there a way to add other homebridge plugins to the homekit component? I’d like to add this one: https://github.com/birkir/homebridge-plugin-eufy-security

I know it was possible with the homebridge supervisor add-on but can’t figure out how to tweak the homekit component.


Since HomeBridge on Home Assistant was deprecated, it wouldn’t be possible to integrate home bridge plugins with the newer homekit component.

Possible workarounds would be:

  • see if someone else already has, or if you can figure out making a add-on for HACS or the supervisor for the Eufy Security devices
  • run Homebridge separately to Home Assistant, and if you need your Eufy devices accessible to Home Assistant, pair Homebridge to Home Assistant via the HomeKit Controller integration. It would be a bit of double handling, but would do the job. You can then include the entities that HomeKit Controller generates into the new HomeKit component to make them visible to your Apple devices via HomeKit

Thanks for the thorough reply!