HOMEKIT - Qingping air monitor lite - Temperature values are floored?!

Hi there,

I have two qingping air monitor lite sensors connected trough homekit to my home assistant instance.
I can not figure out why the reported temperature data is so different between the two devices. One sensor is reporting values which are being floored by HA. The other one is reporting correctly.

The reason I think the values are floored by HA is because the temperature range seems to be correct in the temperature entity card.

The sensor is also capable of reporting humidity, air quality and CO2. All of these sensors work as expected, none of these signals are floored.

i am runnining HA version 2023.10.3 - Both sensors are on the same firmware version.
Diagnostics file of the problematic device is listed below:

Do you know how i can get rid of the temperature postprocessing? I would like to have the temperature value rounded to one digit behind the comma.

            "iid": 28,
            "type": "0000008A-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291",
            "characteristics": [
                "type": "00000011-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291",
                "iid": 29,
                "perms": [
                "format": "float",
                "value": 27.0,
                "description": "Current Temperature",
                "unit": "celsius",
                "minValue": 0.0,
                "maxValue": 100.0,
                "minStep": 0.1
                "type": "00000023-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291",
                "iid": 30,
                "perms": [
                "format": "string",
                "value": "Temperature",
                "description": "Name",
                "maxLen": 64
                "type": "00000075-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291",
                "iid": 31,
                "perms": [
                "format": "bool",
                "value": true,
                "description": "Status Active"
            "iid": 32,

The flooring issue has been solved after updating my Qingping air monitor lite to version 4.8.1. Although a new issue occurred: all 4 sensor values are pushed each second towards Home assistant. This leads to an unneeded fine resolution, and a lot of useless datapoints.

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Hi johnappletree, don’t suppose you have the same issue as I have just reported here, do you? I am also on firmware v 4.8.1 and can’t figure out why my pm2.5 and pm10 readings are not pulling through

I just checked, indeed I have the same problem. Pm2.5 and Pm10 values are not updating… :confounded:

Ah, there is a suggestion on my linked thread that involves using a Theengs Gateway HA Add-on (not heard of this before). I may give it a go this weekend.