Homematic outdoor temperatur and humidity sensor - no battery level

Hi, I have successfuly integrated nearly all my Homematic and Fibaro devices and have set up a page, that shows all devices with batteries to monitor the battery level. Just one device is missing: the Homematic outdoor temeratur and humidity sensor HM-WDS10-TH-O
I cannot find the battrey level as for all the other devices and in the settings there is no evidence that the value is provided.
Any idea how I can get the value? Thanks.

The sensor simply doesn’t have an internal data point to get the battery state from, even though it’s battery operated. There are other HomeMatic devices that run on batteries but don’t provide that data. That’s just how they have built the device. No workaround available.

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Thanks for your feedback! I was not aware of this. So I just have to look, when I see a notification in the CCU2 that the device is offline… or I try to set up something that checks eg on a daily base whether values are update from this device - if not, send a notification.

Yes. If your config includes the CCU entity, its value will be the sum of service messages. So you can set it up to be notified if service messages are present. That’s a good idea in general.