Homematic - Send parameter to channel of a switch


I have a HM-OU-CFM-TW “MP3 Gong”. Which seems to be recognized as a switch inside homeassistant.

homematic itself controls the played mp3 (which is stored local on the mp3 gong) via channel :2 and a parameter list(Kanalaktion / channelaction) which is sent to. for example: “1,1,108000,001”

I have found


so it seems it should be possible to create an automation with an “action” to sent this parameter to the channel.
But I am stuck with. I was not able to do it correct.

any hints?


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Hi Marc,

did you solve the issue?

I also bought such an MP3-Gong and also wondered, how to play the different sounds from within Home Asssitant.


OK, I found the solution… You need to send a state string to the SUBMIT parameter of the device using the Service homematic.set_device_value. This can be easily achieved and tested by using the developer functions of home assistent in the services (Dienste) section.

In YAML it would look like:

service: homematic.set_device_value
  address: REQ0125873
  param: SUBMIT
  value: "0.9,1,108000,002"
  channel: 2
  value_type: string

The channel is 2 for the audio output and would be 1 for the LED signal. The value instead is composed of

0.9      : Volume (0.0...1.0)
1        : Repetitions (0...255)
108000   : Play duration in seconds (108000 means, play until file ends)
002      : The index of the audio file to play (in my case the second audio file)

You can find the correct values easily, if you go into the Central Programs Section (Zentralenprogramme) of Homematic


Have fun! :slight_smile: