Homematic Switch (HMIP-WRC2)

Hello, i need help and sry for my bad english.

I want to turn a Hue lamp on and off with the Homematic HMIP-WRC2 switch. The Dokumetation helps me do not suffer further.

I use Hassio and the CCU2 on my Raspberry!

Homematic config

home matic:
port: 2001
port: 2010

That’s my automation:

- alias: "light off"
     platform: event
     event_type: homematic.keypress
       name: HmIP bedroom Dev
       channel: 1
       param: PRESS_SHORT
     service: switch.turn_off
     entity_id: light.buero_kati

Is that right and or do I need to do more? I am still a beginner and do not understand how that should work. I press the button and nothing happend and ich can´t controll.

My first guess would be, that the name you use (HmIP bedroom Dev) is incorrect.

Add something like this to your configuration:

  default: warning
    homeassistant.components.homematic: debug

That way the log will show you the details of the Homematic related events that arrive at Home Assistant. Within those details you’ss find the name of the device. Make sure you use the same name in your automation.

Another issue could be, that your device uses some other variant of PRESS. That too will be visible in the logs.

The switch does not appear in the log. What else could it be? All other HmIP devices are being updated.

This then might be an issue with eq3 being inconsistent with the device name. What kind of installation do you have? If it’s not hass.io you can look at the file misc.py in the deps/pyhomematic folder. There at the bottom is assigns the needed Python class to HMIP-WRC2. Copy that line and make it HmIP-WRC2, save the change and restart Home Assistant.

I have hass.io installt.In the Homematic device list is that the name of the remote HMIP-WRC2 (000193C99DXXXX)

With hassio it’s not possible to make the change I have suggested. Although when you say it’s labeled HMIP-WRC2, then that’s probably not the issue.
If you set the log level for pyhomematic to debug and don’t see anything related to the device, then for some reason your CCU does not send the events to Home Assistant. Even if there was a bug that prevents it from working properly, the events should be visible in the logs.

thank you for your help! pyhomematic show nothing from the WCR2.
I have found something in another forum, maybe that works. I’ll test it tonight and report on success.

It works now. In another forum I found the solution. For a HMIP-WRC2 you have to create a program in the CCU, otherwise it has no function. Like this:

Now the commands are in the log and it works perfectly and fast.


That’s good to know. Thanks for bringing it up. Could you add (HMI-WRC2) to the title of this topic so others can find this post easily?


This works great for me, Thanks !

Not only for HmIP-WRC2, it appears you could also get HmIP-BSM to fire ‘long press’ events, which are not fired in HomeAssistant by default. (I have a feeling you could use this method to add additional events from other devices too)

works also fine for HmIP-BRC2. Thanks!