Problem connecting to Homematic Hmip-BRC2 Switch

I am trying to connect to a HMIP-BRC2-Switch from Homematic. The pymatic-Library seems to support it. The CCU2, which was installed as Container in Hassio, has recognized the Switch and tests are succesful.

I also have created “Dummy-Programms” in the CCU, as described here: Homematic Switch (HMIP-WRC2)

But the switch is not showing up in entities of Home Assistant.

I have testet with a temperature sensor from Homematic – the temperature sensor works and is available within the Home Assistant Entities, so in principle the connection between Home Assistant and Homematic seems to work.

Does anyone have a hint what to do?

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The device you are talking about it not a switch, it’s a remote control. How these are dealt with is described here in the documentation. To make it short: those devices don’t show up as entities because they have no state. If they were entities, they would just change to pressed for a fraction of a second and then back again. Other integrations do this. But for HomeMatic we chose not to go that way.

:tada: Many Thanks!!! :tada:

I really was too stupid. When listening to * events, I get a event from the button… Now it should be possible to trigger an automation.

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