Homematic Thermostate gives no climate state


my Homematic sensor goves me working Themperature and humidity. But when i display the climate temperature the state is unknown. What can i do?

Which device exactly are you using?

Its the “old” Version: HM-CC-TC


I think part of the problem is that there is an extra device for the actual temperature. The climate in HA wants it integrated in the climate device.

All three states (humidity, actual temp and wanted temp) come from this device.

As far as I know these devices work (at least within the CCU) by grouping the valve drive and the wall thermostat. This is not supported by the pyhomematic library used to integrate HomeMatic into HASS. There’s actually been a discussion about these groups here. But so far there hasn’t been any progress on how to implement this efficiently. I myself don’t have the devices to test this and figure out what a useful solution would be. Feel free to participate.

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I think the problem is simply that ThermostatWall2 is not compatible with HMThermostat.
and it doesn’t expose or have the CONTROL_MODE

This looks to me like a incomplete/buggy implentation in pyhomematic

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I think its fixed in new V0.39 without any notice in the release notes! Or the update just did’t overwrite my modifications this time…

There have been internal updates for HomeMatic. Functionality didn’t got greatly expanded or changed, it’s just done differently now. There shouldn’t have been any regression, and what we’ve fixed for you by patching in the past should now work (by default). But that should have worked before actually, so in that sense it’s a fix.

So, can you confirm your Thermostat is working as expected now?

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Yes, it is working as expected!

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