HomeWizard joins Works With Home Assistant program

We’re delighted to announce that HomeWizard has joined the Works With Home Assistant program under the ‘Works Locally With Home Assistant’ badge and is committed to ensuring their products work well in Home Assistant. This Dutch company creates Wi-Fi devices that give households insight into their electricity, water, and gas consumption. They want to make people aware of their energy consumption and help them save on energy - not just because it’s good for their wallet, but also good for the world. A mission that matches our Open Home values perfectly. They will also be the first company to use our updated Works With Home Assistant badge, featuring the new Home Assistant logo!

HomeWizard’s journey to becoming a partner started with an engineer working on their energy meters, who developed a custom Home Assistant integration in his spare time. This custom integration grew and became part of Home Assistant core in release 2022.2, and its popularity with HomeWizard customers has led to HomeWizard adopting it and becoming an official partner today!

As a result, the HomeWizard Energy integration has been developed by listening to the Home Assistant community. Features like a local API in their products and the ability to disable cloud communication were added in response. Currently, the integration supports the following products:

Wi-Fi P1 Meter (model: HWE-P1): Sensors for power import/export, energy consumption (single or three phases), information about your smart meter, and gas.

Wi-Fi Energy Socket (model: HWE-SKT): Sensors for power import/export, energy consumption, and switches for controlling the outlet.

Wi-Fi Watermeter (model: HWE-WTR): Sensors for active and total water usage.

Wi-Fi kWh Meter (models: SDM230-wifi, SDM630-wifi): Sensors for power import/export and energy consumption.

While HomeWizard is a Dutch company, their products work in many countries. For example, the P1 Meter works on most modern meters that have a P1 port, the Water meter on analog water meters with Itron, Elster, or Sensus mounting holes, and the kWh Meters can be mounted on DIN rails. All of them can be purchased from HomeWizard’s webshop.

We’re very excited about this news, and we love the journey that the HomeWizard integration has taken from one engineer’s hobby to an official partnership. Check out our original announcement for more information about the Works with Home Assistant partner program.

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Great news!

I was already considering their water meter, and this seals the deal, ordered one right now. Looking forward to installing and using it to gain insight into my water usage.

Does anyone know if their products work in the USA?

Congrats Home Assistant and HomeWizard, I’m a big fan and hardcore user of your products as I use all of them in my house and have them integrated in Home Assistant and aside the HomeWizard Display to top it off. :sunglasses:

Looking forward to any new developments for Energy Integrations from both companies for 2024.

Mazel Tov!

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I have the same question - US products?

Do you have a P1 meter?

Do you have a water meter with a an itron, elster or sensus mounting hole?

Congratulations HA and HomeWizard. i’m using the water and power meter for a year now and works great.

I’ve only one small addition: When installing the the water meter it would be great if you can add a start reading, so the water meter reading can be shown in Home Assistant instead the HomeWizard reading.

Currently I’m using a template to work around this:

- sensor:
    - name: Watermeter (5c2faf069d68) Water meter reading
      unique_id: water_meter_reading
      state_class: total_increasing
      unit_of_measurement: L
      device_class: water
      icon: mdi:gauge
      state: "{{ (467420 + states.sensor.watermeter_5c2faf069d68_total_water_usage.state |float) }}"

looking forward to it :smiley: nice ! for now an analoge meter but when i have a digital meter i would buy it for sure.

Hope they’ll eventually add push functionality (to HA) to the water meter when in battery mode. That, or add it via their premium service, to push data to HA.

That’s a technical limitation. API means always on, thus more battery usage. The batteries are dead in a couple of days.

Edit; overlooked the ‘push’ part; that is on the list of things we (HomeWizard) want to do. Not sure when/if!

Several entities (f.e. sensor.totaal_teruglevering_tarief1 and sensor.totaal_afname_tarief1) have disappeared on my energy sockets.
Are they coming back any time soon ?

How would I know?

Great news, didn’t know Home wizard and Nabu Casa work together but have it already working flawlessly on my side for months now. I can highly recommend their products: reliable, good software support (both in Home assistant as well as the native app) and reasonably priced. The energy socket also supports high currents whereas cheap Chinese plugs just don’t work (and I trust Home wizard more on the safety front as well).

No Homewizard Kitchen?