Homewizard WiFi Watermeter

Was already looking formule a solution to get data from the water meter, now I saw a new device from Homewizard, does anybody have experience with the device and connected to HomeAssistant?

Ive been looking at this watermeter as well, from what i can find it has a local API and the home-assistant support should already be there. the device itself is however not shipping yet (end of the month last I saw)

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Yes, the watermeter is supported. Make sure the device is powered with a USB cable.

Ok thanks , looking into this as a good solution to track the water consumption

I have received this meter today. Installed it (HA 2022.8.5) works right away.

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You connected the meter with the usb cable or WiFi?

You need both: usb-cable is for power and wifi to be able to read the data. I just installed the meter to figure out HomeAssistant shows only the location and wifi-ssid, so now updating HA.

And set it up. Unfortunately no(t yet) a nice dashboard like the energy dashboard so I made a card with some data and also keep track of the total ‘meterstand’. Wondering if it will be accurate as it itsn’t when putting a kwhmeter between the solar panels and the electricity meter. When checking then the totally produced solar energy adding the number the ‘omvormer’ had when I installed the kwhmeter there is a difference. But multiplying the value with a small number above 1 makes it quite accurate, but need to check every now and then if it’s still close.

My watermeter does not have electricity nearby and I want to use this watermeter with HA. But for integration a USB C power connection is needed.

Can I somewhere put a feature request in that there is also (delayed) HA integration when this device is on batteries? I want to have daily insight in my water usage.

You can contact HomeWizard Support to request this feature.

The main reason why battery mode has no API is that the current API is poll-based. The watermeter connects to internet about 4 times a day for a few seconds, which makes it to hard to reliably poll the API.

A better solution is something push-based. At this moment there are no plans to add this If there are enough requests HomeWizard can put it on the wish-list. So please let them now (though support :wink: )

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Thanks alot! Do you know a way for HA to pull the data from The HomeWizard portal ?

Then I would get the data through that.

Sounds good!
Could you please share a screenshot from your water dashboard?

Is there some sort of dashboard instructions for this watermeter. i like this dashboard Watermeter dashboard voor Home Assistant inclusief kosten en lekkage detectie – Connectix.nl but it comes with the watermeter gateway from smartgateways and i got my watermeter gateway from homewizard.

When I try to add the Homewizard Watermeter intagration, I get the message:

Do you want to setup HWE-WTR

I click [sumbit]

Then this message pops up:

The API is not enabled. Enable API in the HomeWizard Energy App under settings

When I check in the HomeWizard app the {…} Lokale API seems to be enabled, I’ve tried disable and enable but nothing helps.

Any ideas?


after a good sleep and trying again … it works :slight_smile:

Will check soon as well, the meter is on his way.

This weekend installed the meter, very easy and with the USB C connection a constant update of water use is available, Home Asssitant did detect the meter directly and 4 entities are available

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I would like to see a battery integration as well. Feels like the Shelly motion sensor that typically sleeps to save power and only wakes up for an event and then broadcasts locally using CoAP. That could work here as well, if they integrate it.

Today with the new update of HA the watermeter can be intergrated in the Energy dashboard as well, great work again and have a more complete overview on your energy gas and water

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Yes, got it delivered today!
Works great. Only thing is, i can’t see costs, maybe it has to update a while.

As seen here: