Honeywell TCC (US) Internet Connection Lost Status

Would like the entity status changed to “Unavailable” when the thermostat has no internet connection (as reported when the TCC app / cloud service detects no communication with the thermostat).

The current Honeywell TCC Integration shows the last state the thermostat was reporting before the connection was lost (setpoint, current temp, idle, etc.) and keeps showing this state even though the connection is down. This is giving false information, misleads users, and corrupts statistics / logs.

I agree that HA shouldn’t continue to report the “old” data when a check for new data fails.

To be clear, there are two scenarios here. First, if my home internet connection goes down, HA cannot communicate with the Honeywell API, and the Honeywell thermostats cannot communicate with the Honeywell cloud servers. Thus the data would be “unavailable” for two reasons.

Second (and unlikely for me) would be if the Honeywell API is reporting to HA that the thermostats are unavailable. That would probably mean the thermostats are somehow off line. Maybe the circuit breaker for the heating system tripped or whatever.

Either way, the data isn’t available. Just want to make sure both scenarios are considered. I wonder if there should be two different status codes, like “API Unavailable” and “Thermostat(s) Unavailable.”

See issue details here: Honeywell TCC (US) Internet Connection Lost - Status Reporting · Issue #62957 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

@CaptTom I saw a number of Honeywell changes in the changelog for 2023.2 including resolution of this issue. I have not updated to 2023.2 yet to confirm. Have you?

I’ve learned not to jump on the new releases early in the month. I think I saw one post with a potential Honeywell problem in the 2023.2 release thread. With -15F (-26C) temperatures due this weekend, I’d rather not do any beta testing on my thermostats right now.

I don’t jump on early releases either so I may let it go a week or so. The post with the potential problem was solved.

I’ll report back when I update.

Good luck with the artic temps and keep warm.

Fixed as per: