Hörmann garage door via MQTT

Hi everybody,

It’s a very interesting project, thank you @stephan19 to have taken the time to share it with us!

Out of curiosity, i have a question for you. Did you try to use the serial link of the ESP in order to do the half duplex RS485 without success or you were just pragmatic and played it safe (which is most probably the most efficient way to go!!!)? Either way, as far as I can tell now : good job there.

I am not very familiar with the ESP familly but its seems the EPS API has this capability (see espressif git repo example.

I will try to build my own and post my feedback here.

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Hi @hpopols,
RS485 is not the main problem. The main problem is the required sync break (according to LIN standard) which has to be send in front of every message. As far as i know the ESP cannot generate sync breaks.
Under the following link you can find a project for Raspberry Pis which solved this issue by changing the baudrate, after i finished my project.

Hi @stephan19,

Thank you for your explaination, it’s make sense!

Moreover the raintonr project seems very promessing. If the baudrate trick works, this could be a deal breaker as it will only need a USB<>RS485 half duplex FT232 like cable directly wired to any HA box. I will definitely buy one of those cable and give a try toward this solution. However, I will definitively keep in mind your “hardware based” solution if the effort needed to have a working solution exceed my skill/patience/free time.

Thank you again for your time.



I come back here to share with you my though. I did received my USB<->RS485 cable and successfully used the “raintonr” software with my garage door.

However as advertised on the raintonr’s project page this is not usable as it is. I suspect some timing issues due to the sync packet “trick”. Moreover my garage door now displays the error code “4” (and time to time an error code 7) and won’t work anymore even without the cable wired and the software running. If I understand correctly, once the communication is done once the hormann motor remembers the attached device and won’t work anymore if the device is not porperly attached and responding to the slave status request packet.

Is anyone knows how to make the hormann motor reset the error 4 for good? A power cycle does not do the trick…

For this reason, the computer only solution is not a good solution has the computer is not reliable nor always powered up. Finally, the hardware route might be the best solution for me! :slight_smile:

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As far as i know you have to perform a factory reset to make the door “forget” the UAP1.
To perform a factory reset see the door manual chapter 12.

After a factory reset the door forgets everything and needs to be taught in again (see manual chapter 5). If you don’t know how to teach your door again it will not be usable anymore.

Hi @stephan19,

Thank you, the factory reset did solve my issue. :slight_smile: I did not want to do it because I was worried to be unable to properly tune my garage door after that but it is quite easy and straightforward task to do!

I’ll build your solution and keep you informed.

Thank you again for your work and advices.

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If you are still interested, i could sell you mine. The current PIC16 firmware does not support my Hormann door. As a result it is useless to. PM me if you want it.

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yes - I sent you a message.

Are any more of these being made? I’d be interested in purchasing one.

@BotchedIt what service did you use to get these made if you don’t mind?

I’d be interested in getting one of these if there is enough interest for another batch.

I’m also interested. +1

I’m also interested. So if there will be another batch, please let me know.

Excellent work.
And I’m interested.
But I’m having trouble finding the parts involved in this.
Could someone kindly provide some links to them?


I would like to know this also, so I can order a pair of them.

Dear all,

First I would like to thanks @stephan19 for sharing this great work !
The schematics are amazing and the code is so clean ! Great Job !

Concerning PCB production, due to the global shortage, some components like the PIC are not available for the moment. Also none of the drop’in alternative are available neither.
So, to be produced today, the board should be reviewed to use other at least PIC model (which might require code adjustement) or another form factor (like TSSOP).

I also found another project that looks the same : Reverse engeneering the Hörmann UAP1-HCP protocol |
But the blog seems inactive and I got no answer to my mail (yet) to the author to ask for hardware.



Amazing work from @stephan19 !
My garage door will be soon replaced by an Hormann one, with a Supramatic 4 motor.
I am not completely sure but from what I’ve understood so far, Hormman changed the protocol for the 4th generation motors. This project is made for 3rd generation motors so it won’t work for Promatic/Supramatic E4 motords?
Am I right?
It would be useful if people who are using this project could share what is the motor model they own.


You’re right, as far as i know my board will not work with version 4 drives.

Thank you very much for your quick answer.
It seems that a reverse engineering has been made for the protocol used by HORMANN with version 4 drives (which is version 2 protocol).
It should be doable to adapt the code with these data in order to make it works for version 2 protocol. But some hardware adaptations would be also required. At least the RJ12 connector is wired differently.


Did you manage to order these units ? Any plans for ordering more ?

Im quite interessted


Stein Jacobsen

A shameless bump on this one since I’m also interested