How can I show a device as a different device

I have a couple of Aquara magnetic switches on a couple of doors. HA shows them as switches, how can I show them as a door? I have some entities as contacts and I can show them as a door. I would like to show them on a card as open / closed. I looked at helpers but no help there.

Why do you have a switch entity as a door?

If you turn off the switch does it close the door?

If so, make a template cover.

Sorry I said that wrong. I installed alarms systems in a different life and that’s what we called these. They are Aquara Door & Window Sensor model MCCGQ11LM HA identified them as an on/off device. I just want when the magnet is close and the contact is closed I want HA to show it as a door that is closed and vice verse. HA doesn’t know them. I am including a screenshot of the device info.Screenshot 2023-04-09 161712

If it is a binary sensor you should be able to edit the entity properties to display it as a door or window.

On that same page where you captured that screenshot, click on your on/off sensor:

Then click in the gear at the top:

Then select from “Show as”:

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Thanks Edward,

I don’t have those options :((

Why don’t you try to remove your device and then pair it again? Looks like it haven’t detected the manufacturer in your case and maybe repairing could help.

And could you please share a screenshot showing the other entities you have in this device?

Like this one:

If your Zigbee coordinator shows the “Reconfigure” button in the device window, then try that before removing and re-pairing. This will make the coordinator setup the device again.

I have tried to Reconfigure it and it fails. My coordinator is a Nortec HUSBZB-1 if that makes any difference.

And have you tried to remove the device and pair it again?

Yes I tried that before I started this thread.

It must be between the controller and HA. I used this controller on a Hubitat for some time. I shared the device from Hubitat to HA and it showed up fine. I just ordered a new Sonoff 3.0 controller.

Still trying to get this working , mostly to save some work. I found this in the Zigbee Home Automation - Home Assistant Where I can change the device type I have this:

  device_config: 00:0d:6f:00:12:00:b2:91:00:15:8d:00:08:93:55:5f
  type: "sensor"

The 00:0d:6f:00:12:00:b2:91:00:15:8d is my HUSBZB
8d:00:08:93:55:5f is the device ieee I want to change.

When I chaeck the YAML config I get this error
Invalid config for [zha]: expected a dictionary for dictionary value @ data[‘zha’][‘device_config’]. Got ‘00:0d:6f:00:12:00:b2:91:00:15:8d:00:08:93:55:5f’
extra keys not allowed @ data[‘zha’][‘type’]. Got ‘sensor’. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 85)

What am I doing wrong?


You could also change the device class within configuration.yamk:

      device_class: door

Thanks aceindy,

How do I specify those specifically. the ZHA thinks they are a switch

it is never mind zha (or whatever integration) thinks they are a switch,
you are instructing HA to treat them as a door :wink:

Maybe I am thick today. How does

      device_class: door

Change just these two devices to a door?

this was my example, as you never told us the name(s) of the sensor(s) you have issues with…
If you have 4 sensors you’d like to change the device classes for it could look like this:

      device_class: door
      device_class: cover
      device_class: switch
      device_class: window

HA device classes

I get it now, my apologies for being vague. I will give this a try immediately.