How could I commission a Matter device to Home Assistant without Google?

I am interested in adding Matter devices to my Home Assistant setup.

I noticed that there are two supported commissioning flows: using an iOS device with the Home Assistant Companion app, and using an Android device with the Home Assistant Companion app installed from the Play Store (not F-Droid), with any custom Matter device registered in the Google developer console, presumably to a Google account that is logged in on the device. It also seemed to imply that one would need the Google Home app installed.

Is there a way to do Matter commissioning, especially for custom devices, using an AOSP Android host without Google proprietary components or a logged-in Google account to attach custom devices to?

Or is there a way to do commissioning from a laptop?

I don’t want to start buying into an ecosystem without the ability to administer it without the permission of any one or two companies.

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I wrote myself a little python script to add Matter devices by code via Websocket.
I followed the instructions from: